Boy Fags Of America?

Available soon with stilettos?

Soon wearing stilettos?

The ongoing controversy about whether openly homosexual boys should be allowed to be members of the Boy Scouts of America is indicative of the confusion reigning in the mind of many people nowadays. I see a lack of elementary reasoning that is simply revealing of the utter failure of modern school systems.

You can read comprehensive articles with a short google research. My comments to what I read around are as follows:

1. Sponsors will withdraw money unless the policy changes.

Come on, this is stupid. If there’s one reason why the Boy Scouts exist, is to let boys grow with a moral spine. The idea that morals should be subordinated to sponsorship is exactly the kind of thinking a Boy Scout should never have.

In addition, the argument is self-contradictory. If it is considered discriminatory that there is a national ban on faggotry, it is only a matter of time before it will be considered discriminatory that some local groups do not allow homosexuals, with the resulting withdrawal of sponsorship. Once again, those making the argument of “sponsorships” simply do not think straight.

II Membership

There has apparently been a decline in membership in the last ten years or so, which according to some implies a crisis. Now, it depends. Membership is not really an indication of real success, particularly if membership is obtained by losing one’s core values. On the contrary, every process of self-finding will cause such a phenomenon, as the organisation purges itself from elements who should not be there in the first place. A world where even the Boy Scouts constantly measure their “success” in quantitative terms is a very sad one, and I can well imagine this mentality might also be a cause of the decline in membership.

III The Rabbi

A strange Rabbi complains the Boy Scouts would, if the ban persists, continue to privilege one religious view above all others. You don’t say? Last time I looked, the Boy Scouts were clearly inspired by Christian values. The US may well be a very strange Country in many ways, but the idea that Christian, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist value should be included in what would probably be the stupidest experiment on earth is rather new to me. Another sign of the times.

IV  The Method
The methods used by the leadership of the organisation remind one of the way David Cameron treats his own party. The grassroots are informed of what the leaders have decided, and they are asked to implement the policy. This is the more shortsighted, as the grassroots in this case are largely constituted by religious organisations having – as they, ahem, often do – a certain way of understanding life.

In conclusion, the impression is generated that a bunch of people either professionally employed by the organisation, or with a vested interest in its membership number and cash flow, have decided that Mammon is going to be the new source of inspiration for the Boy Scouts of America, and were dim-witted enough to say it rather clearly.

If you ask me, this matter should tell the basis organisation of the Boy Scouts of America that they are being led by the wrong people, and the defenestration of all proponents of faggotry at the top of the organisation should be carried out as a matter of course.


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  1. I know the largest membership of the Scouts is comprised of boys of the Latter-Day-Saints faith (the Mormons) who are still in their right minds on the matter, but alas, they too will someday cave as they are being subsumed by the larger culture and have a worldly “Prophet” who has revelations that more or less reflect the mores of the larger culture. Polygamy and priesthood to the black man were all brought about by their “Prophet” having a revelation to allow these things. The LDS Church is very wealthy and I believe probably has great leverage in the matter, as most LDS troops are based in the local LDS wards.

    As an aside, Mundabor, I will be in London in April. I will be staying at the Mandeville in the Marylbone district. Was thinking of attending Mass at the Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Holy Family in Exile which is a few blocks away, unless you can steer me to a TLM in the vicinity…

    • Ah, here in Europe there’s not much of Mormonism, in Italy is obviously all Catholic and in the UK, as far as I know, largely Christian. Certainly Christian values are at the basis of the organisation, though I realise Mormon would say they are “Christians” themselves…

      Concerning the Mass, there’s the SSPX in Wimbledon…;) Jokes aside (but not so much), The Brompton Oratory Oratory makes a wonderful Tridentine Mass, and their 11:00 Mass on a Sunday is very, very similar to a Traditional High Mass (some differences, though: bidding prayers, for example).

      If you go on sites like Wikimissa you should find all information you need, for every day and with the possibility of organising yourself “geographically” at the best.

      Hope this helps.


  2. Should clarify the above….abolition of polygamy was brought about by the Mormon prophet having a revelation proscribing it.

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