Pope Sixtus V, The Conclave And The Traditional Mass

Pope Sixtus V, "er papa tosto"

Pope Sixtus V, “er papa tosto”

We learn from the always excellent Rorate Caeli that of the 117 Cardinals who will participate to the Conclave only eleven have celebrated the Traditional Latin Mass after the introduction of the Novus Ordo. This is a one figure percentage, a bit like saying the “Traditional Mass Party” is less represented within the Church than the Monti coalition is in Italy.


Of course, it can be that many of them are, so to speak, secret admirers and did not want to stand out with something so unashamedly Catholic as a Traditional Mass (we live in such times…). Others may be too old to want to start the re-learning (though one would say a Cardinal who is now 79 was only 71 in 2005, and certainly celebrated the traditional Mass for several years before the Great Neo-Modernist Mess). In both cases, we are probably not talking of warriors for Christ.

Still, you never know and every Italian knows (or should know) the more or less legendary anecdotes about Sixtus V, er papa tosto (“the tough Pope” in the Roman dialect), a man who kept a very low profile and (says the legend) led the other Cardinals to believe his health was very bad, and he himself a harmless old man, to be elected as a “transition Pope”. One of the many stories about him goes that when he accepted the election he stood up strong, threw away his stick, and started singing the Te Deum with thundering voice.  

Like you, I keep thinking all the time what the Cardinals will do. Like you, I am scared stiff a truly bad man could be the choice. Like you, I draw some comfort from the fact that hopefully a good majority of the Cardinals believe in God, and might do the right thing or at least avoiding doing the very wrong one. 

But seriously, only eleven have celebrated again the Traditional Mass. I think one is justified in being afraid, but I will try to think of some possible Sixtus V hiding among the Cardinals’ ranks; one  who has never celebrated the Traditional Mass to make himself acceptable to the Neomodernist majority, and is now silently biding his time.

O Lord, please, please give us a good, strong Pope.  


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  1. Mundabor,
    Having to “hope” that the majority of Cardinals actually believes in God says everything we need to know about the modern Church. I agree that at least a slim majority of them are not closet atheists. I’m not willing to go any further than that. I do not know which God some in that majority believe in… 😉

  2. Mundabor,

    thinking of it, I presume in 2005 the situation must have been worse in this regard. Summorum Pontificum not issued yet, so apart from Cardinal Ratzinger at that time, there was nobody else having celebrated the Traditional Latin Mass in the 3 decades before.
    So let’s not be so pessimistic.

    Regards, wk1999

    • I am not sure, wk1999.
      Since the Eighties there were the “indult” masses, and they were not many less than the Summorum Pontificum masses of today. You could find indult masses with pretty much the same effort as today, for example in London you had the Oratorians, and now with SP you don’t have many more places. The SSPX and FSSP masses were also there already.

      It is telling of how ineffective SP was, that after five years, in many countries we aren’t really far away from the situation that was already there in 2005.


  3. Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith of Colombo, Sri Lanka is very friendly to Tradition, and has said that were the SSPX to be reconciled to the Church, he would have all the seminarians of his Diocese formed at SSPX seminaries! He does not allow Communion to be received in the hand anywhere in his See.
    In spite of this, he has never actually celebrated the Traditional Latin Mass himself! He is quite young; 65 or thereabouts.
    I should welcome him as Pope, but I believe he is not popular among the other Cardinals, alas ! I wonder why not?!

  4. Mundabor,

    sorry to use your comment section as a communication tool. I noticed that Catocon is still around. His blog has been silent for a while now, what a pity! Cordial greetings to him!

    • I extend the communication and add myself to the list of admirers. Unfortunately, i do not have the time to follow all the excellent blogs I know of, and Catocon’s excellent effort is one of the victims of the lack of time. I did not know he had been silent for a while. Surely he will have his reasons, but it is always a pleasure to see such a brilliant mind writing.


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