Listening Suggestion For Pro-Sodom Tory MPs

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  1. Good advice. You might enjoy my co-author’s piece today.

    • “The BBC’s Sunday Programme surpassed itself this morning with every member of ‘rent a heretic’ on show, opining that the thing the Church needs is to become more like the Anglican Church. Really? That one has worked well – if you want to destroy a church, that is.”

      Ah, one day at the BBC, then… 😉


    • It was a truly dreadful programme.

    • I remember a couple of months ago the obese “vicarette”, in desperate need of a (oh well…), saying all excited she didn’t see why she should not be allowed to marry homosexuals. She always agitated herself, moving her fat ass on the couch trying to look dynamic and girlish, the poor cow.

      It was a pain to see and something good for “the office”, but evidently good enough for the morning show of the BBC.

      Then one wonders they aid and abet pedophiles for decades…


    • They certainly have a bad record – odd they don’t go on about it.

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