Cardinal Salazar Gomez: Pope Benedict’s “Not A Strong Papacy”

Vox clamans in deserto? Cardinal Salazar Gomez.

Vox clamantis in deserto? Cardinal Salazar Gomez.

In an age in which every conceivable Catholic outlet seems to see it as obligatory to agree with the Holy Father in everything, it is very refreshing to read that no less than a Cardinal says clearly that this was a weak papacy (ok, he says “not strong”; I am sure you get the drift…).

 The Cardinal rightly praises Pope Benedict’s work in other fields, and mentions the strong work accomplished (even before becoming Pope, I add) to remedy to the pedophile priests scandal and help to prevent that they happen again. But there is no denying the Pope is elected to lead the Church, not to be a fine theologian, and the deficiencies in that respect are so clear you only need to read the news for some minutes to understand the scale of the problems, and the absence of a strong reaction to them.

Kudos to the Cardinal, then. I’d have preferred if he had added a blow for the Conciliar church, which is the first cause of the attitude and election of Popes of the good-uncle, no-fight sort like Benedict. But hey, in life you can’t have everything.

Cardinal Gomez will sit in the conclave, and it is obvious he will plead for a strong Pope.

Let us pray his voice will be heard.



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  1. Why not – why can’t we have everything we need in a Pope? 🙂

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