Reflections On The Possible Black Pope

Stranger things happen at sea... Cardinal Turkson.

Stranger things happen at sea… Cardinal Turkson.

The concrete possibility that a Black Pope be elected moves me to some considerations that you may perhaps find of interest. Let us see them.

I. If such an event happens, it is extremely improbable that Turkson will be the first Black Pope. At least a couple of dozen Popes came from Africa already, from regions with mixed populations of Whites and Blacks. It does not appear realistic to think they were all white. If we have no record of the skin colour of most Popes of the first centuries it is not because they were all chosen among the Whites, but because nobody was interested in a Pope’s skin colour.

II. If you like trivia and superstitions, you might like to know in Italy (where I and many others have never read them, nor do we plan to) it is widely believed Nostradamus prophesies the end of the world during the reign of a Pope both black and choosing the name Petrus. In the second matter, perhaps I am confusing with St. Malachy, but again the element of “he has said it” remains. Cardinal Turkson if of course black, and his baptism name is Peter. I refuse to believe even one Cardinal would allow himself to lend any credence to a superstition, but if Turkson gets elected expect a lot of gloomy faces, particularly if he were to keep his baptism name as Pope…

III. Were Cardinal Turkson the chosen one, Conservative Catholics the world over would have great fun for many years. Imagine the pinko/sodo/liberal press having to attack a Pope who happens to be Black! Imagine the shock of the liberal masses at discovering Black Africans take Christianity seriously! The horror!

IV. All the daily accusations to the Church of being backward would have the rather embarrassing difficulty of explaining why this so backward organisation is so enlightened in matters of skin colour. Not an easy one, this….

We shall see. Exciting and perhaps dangerous times are upon us, and in Italy the excitement is compounded by the upcoming elections.

If you can’t wait,what you can do is pray…


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  1. Excellent points.

    I have the impression that you regard the Nostradamus and the St. Malachy prophesies much as I do. They are so cryptic as to allow one plenty of latitude to make something “fit” the prophesy. Some of the attempts to do so have left me with an aching belly from my fits of laughter as I have read them.

    So, Petrus Romanus it is! I am uncertain how the “Romanus” part will be made to fit if he is elected.

  2. Mundabor,
    yes, there will have been black Popes before, because Africa was Christianized (in parts) long before Christianity became firmly established in Europe. However, I had never thought of that before and completely bought into the story about the “first black Pope”.

    I still prefer an European, but if it has to be an African, I would counsel the Cardinals to take a very close look at Cardinal Sarah, especially for his strong statements on matters like homosexuality. Turkson makes me nervous, because he seems to be openly campaigning for Pope, very intent on a good image and publicity, and while apparently relatively solid on sexual morality he is liable to confuse social teaching with socialist and globalist teaching. We do not need another Pope who thinks it is good idea to strengthen secularist world government…
    I rather doubt Turkson would be a liturgical traditionalist. In Africa, the traditional Mass is practically forgotten (apart from the SSPX, of course) and liturgical abuses (mixing of Catholic and pagan/voodoo rites, for example) are extremely common… the fruits of “inculturation”…

    • Ah yes, this is one reason why I do not think African Popes are really fitting. It is again what I told with the other post, that Catholics coming from other continents end up bringing the more or less strange deviations from the pure and sound Catholic thinking the Italians have. The Africans dance in church, the south Americans are bloody anti-capitalist populists, the Asians would be isolated from the Vatican machine ry and way of thinking…

      I remember Sarah, but I have never read him mentioned about the papabili…

      We shall see.

      I think one like Bagnasco would do a lot, and one like Scola would still do more than Benedict.


  3. African to the Romans, and the church, just meant where someone came from. We forget – which these days is buried – that in Roman times and later, nubian/Banta/negro/blackskinned peoples , whatever ,reached , east to west , Morroco to Egypt, nearly as far as , and sometimes right up to the Med, The very mixed(intermarrying, not just intermingled, tho that too) coast had the standard med mix: Punics/phoenicians/carthaginians, Jews, Greeks, plus berbers or Egyptians and blackskinned peoples from the hinterlands , and In Egypt but a little further south.Black skinned Nubians, with an Egyptian culture, were right into what is now Egypt, on the upper nile.
    Whence they were pushed hundreds of km south all the way along by Arab conquerors colonizers, and slavers in the seventh and eigth centuries, (whose religion we arent allowed to mention).Modern Southern Egypt and the Sudan , mark a breach driven into the early Christian continuum , leaving abyssinia as the rump.
    Hence another relatively modern misapprehension Ive heard. “St augustine”-for example- “CAN’Tve been b lack, he was from NORTH Africa.”
    or “the only blacks in the Roman empire were slaves”
    Insofar as any of us are descended from peoples of the Roman empire , we will have some African-of all the sorts- genetics, deriving from those of their slaves who were, those of their legionaries who were , those of their any other travellers about who were.
    All of 6th century North Africa was Christian, I would suspect pretty well to the sahara at least.

    BTW – I very much like cardinal Turkson’s defence of (large) families in an interview on life sitenews.I have commentors who leave links, but cant help it.
    I don’t think the Holy Spirit would push for a particular Pope just to put Anglosphere luvvies’ noses out of joint, but me, Id be sore its just as well I’m not a Cardinal nor able to influence any.- and are you right to use the Present tense re Italian catholicism in general?

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