Vatican Leaks: Sodomites Within The Leonine Walls?

Inside the very walls?

Inside the very walls?

Fair Warning: If you think it inappropriate to discuss leaks from the Vatican, click away now…

Disturbing rumours from the Vatican in these anyway rather disturbing times.

It appears (but… I wasn’t there) that the report recently given to the Holy Father concerning the “Vatileaks” scandal contains prudently worded but clear references to what in common parlance is called a “gay mafia” operating within the very Leonine Walls. In addition, members of this group would be currently blackmailed by what in common parlance are called their lovers.

The allegations about the content of the report are now made by the biggest Italian newspaper, “Repubblica”, after already the “Corriere della Sera” had heavily hinted at the matter in the past. “Repubblica” claims sources near to those who wrote the report. I do not like “Repubblica” as a newspaper, but cannot imagine they would publish the rumours without being very sure of what they do.

The report seems to describe an environment characterised by infighting groups, of which the above mentioned homo mafia is the truly disturbing element.

Now, it is common for every organisation made of humans to have different groups thinking in different ways (say: Cardinal Bagnasco does not like Berlusconi and threw him out of the window; but Cardinal Sodano thinks he is the Church’s natural ally) and being human they can be certainly forgiven if they tend to entrench themselves a bit in their own positions; but to have a group of people acting in concert not to pursue what they think is the best policy for the Church, but to cover and aid each other in what concerns their common perversion is utterly disturbing.

We will probably never know whether this report is – as also rumoured – what moved Benedict to decide it was time to abdicate; I personally thinks the decision was taken before, and the Vatileaks scandal forced him to wait a bit longer; but certainly, the report must have definitely persuaded the Holy Father that he did not have the strength (both physical and of character, I think he is too harsh with himself when he says “spiritual”) to add this battle to the many Catholicism is now called to fight all over the West (sodomy, euthanasia, abortion, secularism and militant atheism come to mind).

It is certainly disconcerting that a Pope should leave in the moment when war must be waged. Does the report contain names, dates, facts? And if it is so, how can it be possible to go away hoping that one’s successor cleans the mess one hasn’t cleaned? On the other hand, if one partout does not have the energy to fight this fight (and Pope Benedict never had the energy to fight any meaningful fight; just think of the Wagner episode in Linz…) it is certainly better to abdicate and hope the next Pope is fit for purpose.

In a development of the latest hours, La Stampa informs us the dossier will now be made available to the Cardinals in the conclave. Whilst the Vatican (obviously) denies the rumours of sexual impropriety among high ranking officials, this move would seem the way Pope Benedict has assured that whilst he does not act, his successor will have to. This very proper cleaning of dirty laundry within the family of the Cardinals will make sure the necessity to get a strong man able to clean the mess is forcefully stressed, and remains in the mind of every Cardinal.

Let me say once again before I close that I have obviously not read the document, and it could well be in the end that this devil is not as bad as he is represented. Still, everyone who follows the affairs of the Church knows very well that homosexual infiltration is ripe at many levels of the Church, and should not be surprised to know that the filth has paved its way to the Vatican.

If you let the smoke of Satan enter the temple of God, be prepared for Satan to get to work with it.

Please Lord, please inspire the Cardinals to give us a strong Pope!


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  1. Excellent post as always Mundabor.

    Hell’s storm-troopers – the sodomafia – may well have indirectly made the Pope abdicate at horror at having to deal finally and directly with these devil’s minions. He doesn’t have the strength for it. although one would have hoped and expected him to have given even his life in the attempt to overthrow the dragon from within the Vatican’s walls at least.

  2. Excuse me, but what is this ‘damianthompsonisahomo’ blogger person trying to say? And I don’t mean in his post.

  3. Hmm. I found an article on Eponymous Flower which suggests that Mr Thompson might be speaking from both sides of his mouth. And I couldn’t help noticing a post from him on Telegraph blogs in which he claims that the current law of the Church on ecclesiastical celibacy isn’t working. I was so furious that I couldn’t read the full thing. I will now.

    Funnily enough, and leaving Mr Thompson aside, I had been wondering only recently about infiltration into the Church – by Modernists, Masons and Marxists (the 3M’s). Didn’t Bella Dodd claim that the Communists had sent 1200 young men into the seminaries, for example? And now there’s the homosexual mafia.

    Who, then, can we trust?

    • In Thompson’s case, it’s not infiltration of Freemasons we are talking about, as a short but intelligent Google search will show.

      And no, certainly you cannot trust him.

      I personally have decided to instruct myself thoroughly, and trust the Society of St. Paul the X.

      In times when every week a new Cardinal makes headlines with a new heretical statement, I do not see any other solution.


  4. Excellent advice.

    Actually, that’s what I’ve been doing, and will continue doing, to the best of my ability and until I draw my last breath.

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