Garbage Can Dwellers

My garbage can is environmentally friendly...

My garbage can is environmentally friendly…


When you write a blog, you learn a thing or two about human nature. 

I should not need to say that I am very much (at least in this) like Darcy in Pride and Prejudice: my good opinion, once lost, is lost forever. 

The basic thinking behind this is that adults rarely change, and they never change because I would want them to. Besides, life’s too short to waste time with idiots. Therefore, if I decide that Caius or Titius is an idiot, I will not revisit my assessment in three weeks’, or three months’ time. 

Surprisingly, people continue to write posts (long ones at times) that land in my garbage can without even being seen by me. I must miss many of them, because I very rarely look in my garbage can; but whenever I do, I see people who have written recently (the garbage can not only has an automatic catch, but also a self-cleaning function) for reasons it is impossible for me to fathom. Perhaps they want to attract the attention of my garbage can, thinking it smart to be read by it; in other cases I suppose alcohol plays a role. Then there are those who write messages asking to be “readmitted”, which is plain stupid, or spitting the worst insults, which is mildly amusing as it gives me double joy to can it. 

It is as if they liked to exist in my garbage can. It takes all sorts, I suppose… 

Therefore, two words of advice: if I have already kicked you out, I will not allow you to get back in, and if you write a comment on my blog, chances are I will never even know you have written it, as my garbage disposal service works far more frequently than my visits into the forum can. If after reading this you still want to waste your time, be my guest…

Of course, every now and then it may happen that something goes wrong, and the one or other perfectly innocent message has been captured by my “spam and idiot protection service” by mistake. Alas, being rather forgetful I might not remember to check the spam folder, and therefore your message might get lost forever. 

Please don’t be offended if this is the case; I am sure everyone of you can easily realise whether his message was intentionally canned or not. 

Whilst I value intelligent conversation on this blog, this blog is like the reception room of my house: if anyone behaves in a way I don’t like, he’ll be kicked out without compliments, and not be readmitted back. The life of a Catholic blogger – particularly of an emotional guy as I am – provides one with more than enough adrenaline as it is, and I personally have no inclination whatever to have further anger with the wrong kind of people commenting on this blog. 

I write this also because the amount of messages has increased in the last months, and with them the number of messages my esteemed readers never get to see. Therefore, I will in future have to make more extensive use of the spam function, with an increased danger of good messages being “caught in”. 

With all this said, i think the quality of the message I publish is on average very high. I take it as a great compliment made to my insignificant, but passionate, blog, and thank you for contributing to make of this little effort, as I hope, a good use of your time.   










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