“Grow In Awareness”: Really?

Larry Harmon

Lately, at a Novus Ordo Mass in the Home Counties, a rather disturbing homily. 

The priest first gets all excited talking of the role of the women in the Gospel; then he says that as the church grows, we have now a “growing awareness” of the role of the women within the Church; then goes on saying that he hopes in future the church will continue to “grow in awareness ” and “better reflect” it in the way she “considers the role of women within the Church”. 

I cannot avoid thinking that if the Bishop gave the order that ” by every homily suspected of heresy the priest will be punished with ten strokes irrespective of whether the heresy was there or not” we would have a remarkable clarity in the statements from the pulpit, and there would be no danger whatever of the faithful being confused. Alas, my suggestion being of questionable legal feasibility I am afraid we will have to live with the stink of heresy in the church as long as a certain category of priests live.

In this case, the shepherd informed his flock of the following:

1) Jesus wasn’t much grown in awareness. Actually, he seems to have had a lot to grow in awareness. 

2) For 2000 years, the Church’s awareness was also rather dim. I suspect the Holy Ghost was on the phone and couldn’t intervene. 

3) But now, now finally we are “growing in awareness”. We woke up from our Gospel-induced slumber and now start to see clearly what Jesus could not see.

Obviously, dear shepherd stopped short of looking for big trouble. He went around the real topic for a couple of minutes, without ever mentioning it. He hinted at “changes” the “growing awareness” might introduce, but kept the emergency exit conveniently open and didn’t really say *that*.   

The result was clear: the audience was under the impression the priests wants *that* kind of change but obviously can’t say it openly, and the priest was the progressive hero of the community without risking his job.

I think the thing with the caning should be attentively considered. 




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  1. Weasel words which probably mean he’d like there to be women priests. No worries, he can join the Anglicans. That’s what all those who don’t like the Church should do.

  2. Uncharitable generalization:

    no babies through unknowable designs of providence : unsung saints
    no babies by human design = u get bored
    Finally noticing bored ambitious frustrated wimin after two generations : awareness

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