Say “Thanks” To The King Of Bahrain!

The King of Bahrain has donated 9,000 square metres of land to the Vicariate of North Arabia for the edification of.. a Catholic cathedral!

With 9,000 sm (around 100,000 sf) land at its disposal, the new Cathedral won’t dominate the landscape (I think there will have to be all the ancillary buildings, the parking lots, ways in and out, the distances from the neighbouring plots, and so on), but it will be certainly impossible to ignore. I truly hope a very traditional building style will be chosen.

Whilst I will charitably assume (nice as I am) that the King has donated the land to the Church out of a spirit of sincere admiration for Christianity, my less idealistic side leads me to believe this is part of the “charm offensive” presently put in place from all the regime of the region, aimed at making the region not only fairer for the natives, but more attractive for foreigners. 

A wise move, if you ask me. It is beautiful to think that, if this is done properly, thousands of immigrant Catholic workers will have the opportunity to attend in a big church, hopefully very Western in its style, able to let them feel at home.

A “thanks!” to the King of Bahrain is certainly in order.


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    • Good day to you,

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  2. I am a bit more cynical. At the very least, it will be used to track Christians who are now anonymous. Worse, comes to worse, another cartoon controversy and ‘shazaam’ its a mosque.

    • Ah, I am more optimistic there; if it was a country like Iran, though, one might agree with you.

      I have never been there, but people who have tell me in the entire area (Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar) people are very secular and shockingly westernised…


  3. One of the most inspiring masses I went to was in Dubai. A huge church, absolutely packed out with about 15 masses over the weekend – special dispensation for hotel workers etc -mostly Indians from Kerala and Goa. Fantastic atmosphere and faith. Next to a mosque too.

  4. I’ve lived in Bahrain. It is shockingly western. Honestly, outside of the traditional clothing, I was very comfortable there. There were of course a few strict sharia areas for western eras to avoid, but no worse than areas of Chicago, New York and Cleveland I’ve had to avoid (and probably less violen – no definitely less).

  5. *westerners and *violent. I’m sorry for the typos.

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