Vatican II: Crime And Punishment

I often have the impression that God is allowing the Church in the West to go to the dogs to punish Her for the arrogance and ungodliness of most Conciliar Fathers, all of them coming from the (un)civilised West and all of them trying to blandish the Western masses.

In this perspective, I cannot avoid theorising that John Paul I would have been a great Pope, and The Lord took him away from us to allow the Church to pay the price of her own madness to the last penny. It is, in this perspective, as if the Lord would say: ” You made such a devastation of the Faith, and you now hope to get away with it with only fifteen or twenty years of suffering? Not so fast, boys….”.

Idle thoughts, I know; but thoughts with a certain logic to it, I think. We have seen in the history of the Church that whenever the Bride behaves very badly, the Bridegroom punishes her in an exemplary manner. The Great Schism, the Heresies of the XVI Century, even the traumatic Sack of Rome in 1527 can, I think, safely interpreted in this way. In modern days, the election and long pontificate of JP II led to a strong growth in Africa and Asia, but with a clear decay of Catholicism in the West. Wherever you look, society was so different then from today, and in 1978 you could still have called – abortion and all – Europe “Christian”, at least compared to today. As we write the year 2013, Catholicism is growing fast elsewhere, but is possibly in the eve of a big persecution in the West.

Live by the V II madness, die by the V II madness. The sins of the V II generation have fallen, and will probably continue to fall, upon the children and grandchildren of those who thought Christianity could be made conveniently sexy. This has happened already in form of countless broken families, rampant materialism, and advance of aggressive secularism; and this will continue to be the case – unless something intervenes – either in form of persecution or, if we manage to escape the latter, of even more lost souls caused by rampant heathenism and acceptance of every abomination. Asia and Africa might in fact be spared, and will – even with all the problems caused by Vatican II, like bad liturgy – actually continue to grow and possibly lead the charge for the Reconquista of the Western world to Christianity. They also are the continents whose clergy generally refuse to appease the secular sheep, which is probably why their sheep tend not to be very secular.

Again, idle thoughts; but if they make any sense at all, one wonders where we are now in the process. If the Lord in His infinite goodness has decided the impiety of V II has been paid harshly enough, we might slowly start to see Popes and attitudes of a different kind. If it is decreed in Heaven that the price of rebellion shall be paid in full, the decomposition of Catholicism all over the West will go on, and lead to even more devastation.

Our Lady of Quito said that the recovery will happen when everything seems lost, and one might argue in countries legislating in favour of abortion, euthanasia, and sodomy very much has been lost already. Still, no one would say the Church is in such bad shape that all appears lost, and there is reason to be afraid we have, by far, not seen the worst.

Only imagine what the election of a so-called “Benedict clone” would lead to, with the German bishops attacking Catholicism for the next fifteen years, undisturbed, and Vatican Archbishops going around asking that life be made “easier” for sodomites living in sin and scandal…

It doesn’t bear thinking.

Thinking of the coming conclave, this actually scares me not a little; but who knows, perhaps the Lord has decided in His mercy that we have paid a steep enough price already, and will move the Cardinals to sincere prayer and a courageous choice. This would be very difficult, though, as more than a few Cardinals must be afraid of the consequences for themselves if a strong and orthodox Pope is elected, and very many of them are, if looked closely at, part of the problem. This conclave is very important because it is fair to say the Church is more attacked now, and the situation has become far worse in the West, than in 2005. A great chastisement has been going on, and continues to cast his shadow all over the (un)civilised West. 

Please Lord, please give us a strong, orthodox Pope.



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  1. Let us hope that the Good Lord has mercy. We’ve surely had enough?

    • I most certainly have had enough. But I have often noticed in life when I prayed the Lord to relieve me from my suffering because I had had enough, He was of a different opinion.. 😉

      There’s a post coming about the last antics of a Cardinal. One truly wonders what punishment would be too harsh.


    • They will find out when they come to judgement. Our Lord has warned them.

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