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From yesterday’s SSPX communique’

“doctrinal mutism is not the answer to this “silent apostasy”, which even John Paul II denounced already in 2003.”


amidst a Church in crisis and a world which distances itself farther from God and His law with each passing day.


waiting for the day when an open and serious debate will be possible which may allow the return to Tradition of the ecclesiastical authorities 

If I understand correctly, the chap in white with the long hair is a Catholic priest, and this horror was set in scene in a real Catholic Cathedral.

In other words, this is not a movie, or a joke. This is supposed to be the real thing.

Welcome to the Church of Paul VII.

In case you want more, here is another video about the same exercise. Note how after (or during?)  the “concert” what is supposed to be…

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  1. There should have been a health warning with this one – I felt very sick on watching it.

  2. Utterly pathetic. Words fail me.

    • So you can’t feel the “Spirit”, either?

      Tsk, tsk…. 😉

      Thankfully, Pope Benedict distinguished himself with the ruthless repression of such abuses….




  3. Oh, I feel certainly feel a spirit. Of that there is no doubt. Yes, I must admit that I am so proud of how the liturgical abuses suddenly stopped under the current pope. This is obviously a video from the 1970s.

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