“Vatileaks” Report To Remain Confidential

We are sorry, Your Eminence. This is not for you after all. Unless you are the next Pope, that is..

We are sorry, Your Eminence. This is not for you after all. Unless you are the next Pope, that is…

I have this from Reuters and I cannot imagine this is a misunderstanding or an unchecked news. The famous explosive report is then destined to remain under key, and for the eyes of the next Pope only. Clearly there is the fear that the most interesting details may be (cough: will be) leaked.

Personally, I think it would have been much better that the Cardinal had been able to have access to the document before the Conclave, and I cannot see the damage from leaking as so big as the damage from not letting the Cardinal know what’s going on before taking such an important decision like the election of a new Pope. As they say, at some point oportet ut scandala eveniant.

In any case, I always thought it wise to think carefully before taking an important decision and then stick to it.


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  1. Yes, thinking would be good – and possibly a novel experience for some of them?

  2. It’s my understanding the College is going to be informed of the contents by the three cardinals, but they’re not going to be given an actual, hard copy.

    • ah… But so they will leak rumours and things heard rather Han actual documents? 😉

      I hope it is as you say, I think the Cardinals have the right and duty to know….


  3. If all cardinals know some of them are exposed to be criminals in the report, and none of the cardinals know which of them are known to be guilty, they will all either fear their own exposure or suspect all the others of the crimes. This will cause the guilty to decline the nomination, and the innocent to be extremely wary about whom they vote for. It is really a brilliant play.

    • Or the guilty will accept the nomination, knowing they will manage to cover the traces, and the others will never know they have elected a guilty one because he does.
      This will cause the guilty to put themselves forward to become Pope, and the innocent to vote for them without knowing what they’re doing.
      It is really a stupid play.


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