Richard Dawkins “Doesn’t Know So Much” About Allah. Really?

Clearly, Mr Dawkins had not been paying attention..

Clearly, Mr Dawkins had not been paying attention…

You really must pity Richard Dawkins. He is one of those heroes ready to ferociously attack the pious, but a shrinking violet towards those potentially violent.

We have now discovered that whilst said Dawkins considers the God of the Torah a very bad “fictional” character, he “doesn’t know so much” about the god of the Muslims, so he’d rather keep schtum, thank you very much.

Now, firstly it is astonishing how a man with so much time at his disposal like Dawkins never thought he might employ some of it to examine the, erm, second biggest religion on earth. Secondly, it cannot have escaped him that Islam is a parody of the Bible, it is based on it, and it claims to be its authentic expression. Thirdly, it might have come to his attention that as far as violence is concerned, Islam isn’t really built on retiring wallflowers.

At the very least, our hero could have said: “I do not know much of the god of the Muslims, but it must be clear it is a fictional character too, and he has pretty much the same traits as the fictional character of the Christians”.

Alas, nothing of the sort. It is as if he would say “can we stay on Christianity, please. I like my atheist propaganda comfortable, and safe”.

Ah, these fearless paladins of truth against the prejudices of countless ages….


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  1. Feeble excuse – he knows nothing about the Triune God either, and it doesn’t stop him commenting.

  2. More interesting is that between Christians and Muslims more than 1/2 the world’s religious population is accounted for and yet both professing to be ‘peace loving’ by order of their God, they seem to create considerably more havoc and misery than the other lesser half of the world’s population….Go figure. Maybe there’s something basically wrong with these beliefs.

    • A typically stupid statement from, very probably, not a genius.

      Love of peace doesn’t mean pacifism. There’s a time for peace and a time for war. You need to learn the basics before coming to a Catholic blog spitting stupid prefabricated sentences.

      As to the havoc and misery, I do not talk for Islam – though I suspect a sensible and devout Muslim will always live a better, more serene, more fulfilled life than every atheist – but Christianity bring Salvation, which the religions of the other four fifth of the world population don’t.

      Whence did you get that in Christian countries there is “considerably more havoc and misery” than is, say, a country like India with a past of suttees, with rapes in full daylight and with people starving on the gutter until the day before yesterday is beyond me.

      But again, from what they write you understand whether they think.

      Don’t bother answering.


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