Angelo Cardinal Bagnasco: Fair Portrait Of A Papabile.

What the title says...

What the title says…

Fairly balanced article from John Allen, the only readable journalist at the National Schismatic Reporter concerning my favourite papabile, Angelo Cardinal Bagnasco.

You can forget the last argument against him, probably added merely for the sake of symmetry and because there was nothing else; certainly, the “caso Boffo” would be either unknown or not interesting for most foreign Cardinals.

The other points are, if you ask me, very fair. 

I would add an element that he has not mentioned explicitly, though he touches on it: Bagnasco has the reputation of one you don’t want to have against you. Whilst he can smile, he can stab too, as he has amply proved with his decision to defenestrate Berlusconi. This was a decision I never thought right, but which showed a man who is not too shy for a fight. The same he did in the Englaro case, or in the controversy concerning the atheist advs on the buses not long thereafter. 

These were all cases where the head of the Bishop’s conference could choose whether to meow or to roar. Bagnasco chose to roar. A national quarrel for atheist advs on buses: can you imagine Vincent “Quisling” Nichols even thinking of doing it? But again, Bagnasco clearly believes in God…

We never know what Cardinals do once they become Pope; but boy, this man can bite.

I would say this is, in these troubles times, exactly what the doctor ordered.


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  1. As a young Catholic taught by tambourines, EMHCs, felt banners, liturgical dance, Catechesis lite, and the like that the Faith wasn’t of much importance, I’m hoping for someone serious on matters liturgical. How does he do in that department? Sorry if this went through multiple times with Firefox misbehaving.

    • No worries, it went through only once…

      As to Bagnasco’s attitude towards the liturgy, he seems reasonably conservative

      My impression is that a conservative Pope is very likely to push the Tridentine Mass further, and certainly to encourage more reverence in the celebration of the Novus Ordo, even if he never stood out for this in the past.

      Let us not forget the former Pontiff never celebrated a Tridentine Mass in public as a Pope.


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