Cardinal Kasper Wants Women Deacon

"Kasperle" is a puppet. He is not the only one.

“Kasperle” is a puppet.
He is not the only one.

The German heretical church is truly on a roll. Not that they had ever much fear of the German Pope, but they seem most comfortable without a Pope, at all.

The last one of these disgraceful muppets now making an ass of himself is the notorious Cardinal Kasper, who with the typical levity of the German clergy proposes women deacon.

Note that the Cardinal does not want to lose his job, and therefore makes a couple of distinguo.

The “deaconesses” wouldn’t receive holy orders, only a blessing. So, they are deaconesses, but they don’t have holy orders. Clearly, either the difference would be totally lost on 99.99 of the faithful, or the cry would rise about the “discrimination” of the “deacons”, who are deacons but can’t receive holy orders “just because they are women”.

Total stupidity, and willed confusion. “Let us give the progressives what they want by calling it that way”, the Cardinal thinks.

How genial. Must be Vatican II.

One can apply the same (assumed) logic of the Cardinal and propose, ahem, “women priest” à la Kasper. These would, though, not have holy orders, only a blessing. So we would have the deacons who have orders and those who haven’t, and the priest who have orders and those who haven’t. Wonderful, and so conducive to a right understanding of the role of the priesthood and the significance of holy orders. 

Think of it: this man will soon fly to Rome to elect the new Pope. In theory, he could even be elected (for five days. Damn!) .

I’ll stop here, because you wouldn’t want to read what I might write. 

Cardinal Kasper is an appointment of Blessed Pope John Paul II. 



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  1. Oh where is the putative Cardinal-Prefect Fellay of the Holy Office when you need him? The ‘Becket’ treatment again as far as I’m concerned, for the whole lot of them (heretic Bishops, that is, not necessarily German).

  2. “Cardinal Kasper is an appointment of Blessed Pope John Paul II.” Yes, but of course he was. Here’s a big “good grief” and an even bigger “Lord save us”.

  3. Just to supply some context: in the time of St John Chrysostom, there were in Constantinople some 300 female deacons. What’s more they appear to have been ordained using exactly the same liturgical texts and rubrics as for their male counterparts, changing only the case endings.

    • Wrong. Inform yourself.

      There have never been women deacon.

      What existed in the past were women who helped in the baptism of adult women (which happened through total immersion) for obvious reasons of decency, and were called deacon. The confusion about the role suggested to put an end to the mess.


  4. I made no comment on what the particular duties of women deacons were – simply that they existed, that they were certainly called “deacons” and that they were ordained using the same liturgical formulae as their male counterparts.

    • O for heaven’s sake, they were not ordained, nor could they ever be.

      You can call your cat “deaconess”; doesn’t make her one.


  5. BTW I should make it clear that I don’t have an “angle” on this – what the RCC does is none of my business; I also understand why the suggestion is so inimical to Traditional Catholics (and by the same token ostensibly encouraging to those in the lobby for women’s ordination who aren’t, by any objective standard “Catholics” at all). The Orthodox Church does not ordain women to the diaconate today, despite continuing to baptise adults by total immersion – but if you’re looking for patristic commentaries on the unsuitability of women for the diaconal office, you’ll look in vain. There aren’t any.

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