Cardinal Levada Can’t Just Shut Up.

Cardinal Levada at his best, with mouth shut.

Cardinal Levada at his best: with mouth shut.


Brilliant article from Randy Engel concerning the astonishing affirmation of William Levada that 

“By nature homosexuality is a not a predatory activity, it is a sexual activity that the Catholic Church does not condone.”


“pedophile priests are violating the sanctity and purity of young people.”

Mrs Engel (the author of “The Rite of Sodomy”, so she might know a thing or two about the subject) disagrees in refreshingly blunt terms. 

I quote from her intervention:

The Homosexual Collective recruits like the Army. Individual homosexuals proselytize and seduce new recruits. For the homosexual, every male is a potential homosexual, either overt, latent, or suppressed.


In the words of psychiatrist Dr. Samuel Nigro, “homosexuals colonize and recruit as if by ‘binary fission’ both in and out of the workplace to produce a state of ‘homotoxicity.'” At the collective level, he says, “Homosexuals infiltrate and metastasize, taking over any and every group possible by a compounding of their cognitive defects.”


Is [the CardinaL] ignorant of the fact that pederasty has been the most enduring and universal form of homosexuality in the recorded history of mankind?

Has he ever asked himself, why the Homosexual Collective consistently lobbies for lower and lower age-of-consent laws or their removal altogether?

The author’s conclusion is obvious, but still worth mentioning:

It seems to me that if he cannot bring himself to face the truth about sodomites and sodomy, then he should do faithful Catholics everywhere a big favor. He should enjoy his retirement years out of the media spotlight and keep his mouth shut on the subject of homosexuality.

If I may add one or two observations of my own, I would like to also say the following:

1) The Cardinal has had a happy life if he has never been approached by homos seeking whom they might pervert. I can say from personal experience their attitude is predatory all right, to the point of not being able to renounce to an attempt even when they know perfectly well it is not going to lead to anything, or to lead to a punch in the nose. Perversion breeds obsession. 

2) The Cardinal hasn’t paid much attention in seminary. If he had, he would know that sins are such because they offend God, not (necessarily) because they harm someone. Consequently, the gravity of the sin is measured by the gravity of the offence made to God, not by the age of the victim. The gravity of the offence of sodomy cannot be put into question, since even the Cardinal must know it is a sin crying to heaven for vengeance.

It says something of the state of the Church that even Cardinals now seem to think “do not harm” is the  basis of Christian thinking.

Let us say once again this is the man Pope Benedict (emeritus) placed at the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

O Lord, please give us a strong Pope… 




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