Oportet Ut Scandala Eveniant: Cardinal O’Brien Admits Sexual Misconduct

Homo after all: Cardinal O'Brien.

Homo after all: Cardinal O’Brien.

I have not written anything about the O’Brien “inappropriate conduct” thing, because it seemed to me there was much of allegation and private revenge, and you never know…

This evening I read the following statement from the Cardinal:

“I wish to take this opportunity to admit that there have been times that my sexual conduct has fallen below the standards expected of me as a priest, archbishop and cardinal.

Basically, the man was on the wrong job for his entire career.

Now, one can only praise the intellectual honesty of the Cardinal for having the guts to attack homosexuals behaviour whilst being afflicted by homosexual tendencies; but for heaven’s sake, why does a man like that decide to become priest? 

I always had an ambivalent attitude towards O’Brien, as he was conservative in his moral outlook, but not concerning the liturgy. He had, though, definitely fallen from grace (at least in this blog) after his extremely stupid interview about priests who might find it fine to have the option to marry (to marry as priests, he meant; not to be ordained priests after they married). 

It is good that such scandals happen. It is good that the Church wakes up to the filth infiltrating her up to almost the very top, and another fruit of the immense tragedy called Vatican II, which cause a number of homosexuals to be admitted in seminaries, with the consequences we see today. O’Brien was born in 1938 and might have been there before Vatican II, though; still, it is clear V II made things much, much worse.  

I am curious to know how many in the higher echelons knew, and did nothing.

I am also curious to see now what Stonewall will say.

They gave him the prize “bigot of the year”.

Turns out he was one of them.


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  1. He has shot, not only himself, but the Catholic Church, in the foot. One can only imagine the fall-out from this.

    • Well it certainly isn’t the first time, isn’t it? Weakland comes to mind…

      If the Church profits from these episode to make a general cleanup, than I think this can only be positive.

      If there are other “pink cardinals” around, they are certainly trembling now…


  2. Perhaps this latest development might have the unintentional benefit of concentrating the minds of those about to sit in conclave! At least the orthodox prelates.

    • Let us hope so! But could not just be that the wrong ‘un is unintentionally elected? If O’Brien was bent, how many others might be?


  3. The Augean stables need a good clean.

  4. Mundabor,
    turns out, Stonewall was right, just not in the way they thought. He is, in fact, a major bigot, pretending to work against the very thing he privately did over a long time.

    How many of these “wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing” Cardinals are there? Twenty percent? Thirty percent? I am down to just hoping it will be any number less than two thirds, so that there will be at least a minority able to block the “homo mafia” from selecting their own Pope.

    But I’m not confident about it. At this point, nothing coming from this college of Cardinals will surprise or shock me anymore.

    It will take a major miracle to get a non-catastrophic Pope out of this conclave.

    I wonder who appointed all those closet homosexuals and their friends? Who gave them the red hats? Oh yes, all those “saintly” Popes we had after we became convinced that as we could not have proper female Popes, we should at least elect effeminate ones…

    • One can actually wonder how powerful Stonewall is within the very Church…

      when one reads interviews like the one given by Sandri, I frankly cannot escape the thought…

      The worst is, even if he is not homosexual, his thinking is so stupidly effeminate I do not know what does more damage… if he is bent once discovered he can be kicked out very fast, but if he isn’t you have a limp wrist talking about “the role of women” and one can’t even kick him out so easily or at least let him stop…

      Twenty strokes would, I am sure, do the job admirably.


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