Cardinal Sandri Candidates Himself, Slams Door To Turkson, And Offends All Catholics.

Cardinal Sandri couldn’t resist the desire for a little posturing, and he now clearly presents his candidature through the pressand recurring to the appeal to the worst popular feelings. As he is there, he also slams the door right into Cardinal Turkson’s nose and offends the entire Catholic world. Not bad for a day of work.

It would be very good if Cardinals decided that no one of them will give interviews until after the Conclave. But again, if you think yourself a rockstar, or are desperate to be pushed by the press, this might be difficult.

Sandri is now openly pandering to the progressives, hoping his knowledge of the Curia – decades in Rome already, if memory serves – will propel him towards the coveted words, “non sum dignus”.

We are now informed the Cardinal is “calling for a greater role for women in the life of the Church”. You see, the Church is so dominated by… men! Who would have thought that!

So, how could this greater role look like? The Cardinal has a couple genial ideas.

1) offices in the Curia. Meet the new Prefectess of the Congregation For Women’s Equality. Among the vital changes for the life of the Church could be counted “aromatherapy for Catholics”, a new way to feel one’s Catholicism in a non-threatening, inclusive way; the liturgy might also be modified where sensible (“joy, love and peace be with you”) and in general, the Church might extend her pastoral activity to the great problem of the drowning of kittens in the Third World. A clear refusal of all wars and its substitution with afternoon tea discussion groups is also not improbable.

2) The Cardinal (who might, or might not, be homosexual; considering the way he thinks I wouldn’t bet my pint he isn’t) suggests women should get a “greater role” in priestly formation.
So, according to the Cardinal the average V II priest isn’t effeminate enough, and we do not have enough faggots among them as it is. No, we must make sure that they are screened, or at the very least formed, according to the preferences of a bunch of pious females. It beggars belief, but it is on “Catholic Culture” and I am not kidding you.

If a priest would dare to spit to my face stupid drivel like this, I would ask him to his face whether he is homosexual. In this case, I can’t avoid thinking that Sandri might have the same affliction as the very recently disgraced Cardinal O’Brien (yours truly has reported). At the very least, Sandri’s thinking is suspiciously effeminate without the shadow of a doubt.

Singularly, the very same O’Brien gave an extremely stupid interview of “progressive” tenor just a couple of days before being disgraced; possibly because he was being blackmailed, or else in an extremely naive last-minute attempt to obtain the protection of the Press. with this in mind, you never know what is behind Cardinal Sandri’s sudden enthusiasm for the colour pink…

Talking about colours, pink leads us nicely to… black (or rather, Black), where the good pink Cardinal accepts “diversity” in a loving but, sadly, decidedly mortal embrace. The Church is ready for a Black Pope, he says. Unfortunately, ” the world is not”, so please be kind and forget Turkson, will you?

The Cardinal therefore calls the entire Catholic world “racist”, after he has called it, fittingly from a feminist perspective, sexist. Truly, the bitching potential of a Pope Sandrina I cannot be overlooked.

We shall see how this pans out. A Pope like Sandri would let Paul VI look like Torquemada.

O Lord, please give us a strong Pope.


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  1. It’s good that people like this come out in their true colours as early as possible.

  2. With a bit of luck he just ruled himself out.

    • I hope so.
      I’d say if he had been a strong candidate he would not have needed such a stunt. Perhaps he sees if he doesn’t do anything he will be out of the race, and tries the “feminist” card.
      It is known – and I say this in general – that homosexuals crave a stage.

  3. Reliable news of everything whatever DOES reach Rome, of course, but who reads it? Rather than this being an idea, I understood from internet reports a while back that a number of American diocesan seminaries WERE using, had been for decades, women aka nuns to, inter alia, vet candidates to the priesthood, with reportedly utterly disasterous results..
    My memory is very fallible , and internet reports also – can anyone confirm?
    After all , to any who like me have met and know some very Holy orthodox and redoubtable nuns, the idea is not prima facie absurd – reflection might suggestion reasons why not to – but I don’t know of any good fruit – can any confirm that it has been a ***** ****** disaster, where tried?
    After all, in Rome as opposed to seminaries, the Canonized saint and lady gynocologist who died in 1954 would surely, one might think , have made a better head of the pontifical commision on morality or whatever its called than ……..fill in the blanks? But her qualifications were as an orthodox medical specialist and good catholic layperson and model of heroic sanctity………

    • Pepe, the simple fact is that a nun can be as holy as you wish but she isn’t a man, period.

      Therefore, if you allow nun to vet candidate priests, they’ll end up selecting those who think like them, rather than to think like them.

      God has made men and women with complementary, but very different natures. We can’t ignore basic differences just because some nuns happen to be very holy.

      It is not a coincidence that women have been great saints and inspirations for countless men, but have never run the Church. It has to do with the fact that the Church is supposed to be run by men, and it is supposed to be run by men because men are men.


  4. Oh dear. I got Cardinal Sandi in the “Adopt a Cardinal” scheme, and have invested several rosaries already in trying to ensure he listens to the Holy Ghost rather than Bobby Mickens. Perhaps, though, his faux pas is an indication of my prayers being answered in an unexpected way

  5. The idea is to pray fervently and sincerely that the Holy Ghost works through the cardinals to elect a Holy Pope (without dictating the methods to be used).

  6. Let us HOPE that the other CARDINALS have more sense than the voters did in the USA…….Obama had (and has even MORE Now) just as much self pride but people voted him in anyway……TWICE!!! In fact with Obama and Sandri it would be a pure LOVE FEST!

  7. Mundabor :
    I was hoping someone has a better memory /internet skills than me, and prove that not only that you couldn’t expect it to work , but that moreover, it hasn’t.
    Which I would expect someone in Rome to know

    • Ah, I do think they do…

      My idea is that Sandri is enjoying his celebrity and playing a desperate card to put himself under the spotlight. Some of these people probably think getting into the conclave as the mascotte of the press will help them. Fools.


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