The Live Conclave.

The Conclave is such... fun!

The Conclave is such... fun!

This beggars belief, but is apparently true. Some of the American Cardinals in Rome had already started to organise daily briefings with the US press.

So, before the election of a Pope the Cardinals take a short rest from their daily activities to have a chat with their buddies, the journalists, and keep in touch with the folks at home.

Cool, man. Or, as Cardinal Dolan would say, “that's a biggie, dude”.

One cannot escape the suspicion the Cardinals are talents stolen to the stage. I'd have thought better of Wuerl, but not after the matter with Father Guarnizo after all.

The impression remains of people interested mainly in a stage, and unable to resist the temptation of the media circus of the year.

For shame.



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  1. Exactly…for shame. then again though, who of the viable candidates, does not have at least one MAJOR moral impediment? something about turkson, who supposedly is one of the favorites, rubbed me wrong from the beginning, but I wasn’t able to put my finger on it. sure enough, after enough investigating, I am made aware the mr. turkson is a one-world-government/communist proponent who is indirectly in league with George Soros. Why am I not surprised??? I would provide the link of the story but I wasn’t sure, being that this is your blog, that you would want me to, so I chose not to provide it. Suffice it to say….we DONT want mr. turkson as our next pope.

    as for mr dolan…..he’s currently looking for his next bah-mitzvah engagement where he can once again trade his newest zucchetto for some other young kid’s yarmulke while extolling the virtues of Judaism.

    • I didn’t know of the third-worldist strike of Turkson. I don’t think these are the credentials to become Pope.

      I am less concerned about personal moral problems (as you say, every one of them will have his prevalent sin, it’s nature) but about the way he protects Christian values and the Church.

      His moral problem I am personally glad to leave to his conscience and his confessor.

      I resonate with you on Dolan.

      Make him Pope and he’ll be on Jay Leno’s couch in no time


  2. For shame is right, on all of them. Pardon my frankness but especially Cardinal Dolan. I’m sorry but is it a sin to call a Cardinal a buffoon?

    And I would’ve thought Cardinal George would have had more common sense and decorum. The whole lot of them are embarrassing. Apparently the Brazilians have also made fools of themselves. Turkson was the first to out himself, thankfully.

    I guess the bright side is that this kind of nonsense allows all to see just exactly what kind of men they’re dealing with. After this, I can’t imagine Cardinal Burke would have a chance (which is probably just fine with him), simply by being another American.

    • I do not think it is a sin if you do it out of love for the Church (which, I am sure, you do) and he is really a buffoon (which, I am sure, he is).

      George was a disappointment as was Pell.

      I notice my men (Scola and Bagnasco, but also Ravasi) have not fallen into the journalists’ lure.

      A Cardinal emeritus from Turin, surrounded by journalists, said very clear he would consider it against his conscience make comments to journalists. He wasn’t giving interviews, merely walking to a meeting.

      That’s the way.


  3. That picture of Cardinal Dolan that you attached to this post says it all for +Dolan, as far as I’m concerned. That’s all I’d need to see lest I were confused about where his heart lies.

    • Elizabeth,

      on Google you can get an entire collection of guffawing Dolans.

      I have called a blog post about him “the guffawing Cardinal” for a reason… 😉

      But hey, I’m sure he thinks he’s cool…


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