Conclave: Another Candidature Bites The Dust

I have reported about the primadonnas hoping for notoriety or useful PR work before the conclave, but it is fair to say I had missed the one who truly gets the biscuit: Cardinal Odilo Scherer of Brazil.

The good Cardinal is so concerned with “pastoral” work that he has sent out his PR men to ask the Brazilian press to put him in the best possible light, whilst the same men denied he felt he was a candidate.

I tend to despise stupidity even more than corruption; particularly concerning people in position of high responsibility and power, who will be exposed to temptations but are supposed to be at least smart.

This does not seem to be the case of the Cardinal, clearly thinking what the Brazilian press writes in the days leading to the Conclave has a bearing on who is elected.

I can now imagine an embarrassed Cardinal assuring his red-hatted colleagues it was all not his initiative; assuredly not!

Yeah, right.

And so goes another candidature; never a strong one, certainly the wrong one.

Notice all the strong men have avoided giving interviews. All but Ouellet, who might well regret it.


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  1. The weak ones have been involved in press meetings, not the strong ones. The strong ones are silent, serious, praying-Scola, Burke, Ranjinth…

    A strong man has virtues of prudence, temperance, justice and courage and sometimes courage means being quiet

    • I agree with one exception: Ouellet. Perhaps we might include Turkson (the one who started the fashion), though I think Turkson is a favourite mainly in the fantasies of the media.

      In many cases, I think vanity (as in Dolan’s case) or the desire to get a strong position if the Cardinals decide for a “surprise” (many others) were the main motivators.

      Serious papabili don’t chat with journalists, period.


  2. That leaves Ranjith still in the running. His credentials are far better than the mightily puffed Tagle. If not him then, dear Lord, Bagnasco.

  3. Yes, I saw on the news the highly-orthodox Cardinal Antonio Cañizares (a great favourite of mine) brushing reporters away as he hurried along the Piazza.

    He had hardly been mentioned in the media so far…… but to my surprise, and some dismay, the National Catholic Reporter have an article about him today:

    • Ah, Canizares…

      I agree we could do worse, but if memory serve he was suspected to be behind an attempt to water down Summorum Pontificum some years ago, and suspected by Messa in Latino to be less conservative than he wants to appear…

      I also wonder if he would not be a “little Ratzinger” also in his dealing with scandals, etc. Does he have the teeth? This is the question…

      Having said that, every enemy of Zapatero is a friend of mine.. 😉


  4. Now Emus. Ranjinth is a magnificent man, too little known in my mind. He admits Vatican II , while a valid (fallible) council, is problematic, he suppressed inculturation in his diocese, requires communion kneeling and on the tongue and vigorously advocates the Tridentine Mass. Also he’s an Indian, so his election would please the church in Asia and Africa – what a legacy for St. Francis Xavier that would be!

    • Yes; but would he be able to cope with the Roman Curia; would he “get” that admirable mixture of orthodoxy and common sense, and refusal of excesses, that is so typical of the Italian mind?


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