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With the Conclave now looming, the apps dedicated to the event begin to pop out.

I have downloaded two free of charge. The first was from the Italian Famiglia Cristiana, a publication reeking of modernism and stinking mightily of V II rubbish. You open the app and there is an interview to a chap explaining to us that the reforms of V II have been “interrupted” (for modernists V II is something eternally becoming, apparently…) and it is now necessary to continue to work on collegiality. The app was immediately deleted.

The second app is simply called “Conclave”, from an organisation called “Verbum”.

It is in English (the other was in Italian), it has live videos, twitter portal, short bios of all Cardinals from the Vatican site and, most interesting, a section called “resources” with, no less, all the Conclaves from 1061 on with interactive links to the participants, leading to their biographies.  


In addition to this, you find a “News” section with links to Catholics blog, some of them sound (for example the National Catholic Register) and some not (like the National Catholic Reporter) but which will allow you to gather information very rapidly.

If you will be traveling on Tuesday and Wednesday, this might be a good way to keep in touch. 

I obviously do not know which smart phone or device you have, but a short search will help you to be prepared for the historic day with a specialised product accessing Catholic resources, particularly if you know you will not have access to a TV screen.

If any of my readers finds apps he would suggest to others, please drop a comment.


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  1. Thank you – the Verbum app is indeed excellent, and I am grateful to you for putting me on to it.

  2. Mundabor, if you stumble across an app that can wake a slumbering antipodean at the “Habemus Papam!”, do let us know.

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