The Conclave In Video

Rai Tre is universally considered the most leftist TV station in Italy.

Still, this beautiful documentary (English subtitles!) shows a respect and a reverence for the Church you could never ever find by the BBC, where it would be unthinkable to speak of the Church without the usual homosexual propaganda and liberal slandering.

Besides being very instructive, this documentary may give to the one or other of you a feeling of the “Italian way”, where even leftist broadcasters know how to do things properly.



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  1. Thank you for sharing that, Mundabor. That is astonishing that this documentary was produced by a leftist TV station. How beautiful, respectful, reverent and informative that was. I see what you mean ~ the Italians know how to do it right. And of course, speaking as an American woman, I could sit for hours listening to a man speaking the Italiano:)!

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