Cameron: Downfall In Sight?

The PM started to look somewhat worried...

It appears increasingly more probable the tenancy agreement of David “call me gay” Cameron for the upper floor of 10 Downing Street might be the object of a notice of eviction before long.

Whilst we were all focusing on the upcoming Conclave, the discontent within what once had some reason to call itself “Conservative Party” kept growing, as the humiliating defeat in Eastleigh was clear evidence the PM has no clothes, but a pink tutu at the most…

In the last days, more devastating news have reached our rainbow heroes at and around Number 10. An internal poll indicates 7% of the party basis (no, it's not a typo) believes the Chameleon will survive the 2015 General Elections. Now, I do understand these polls must be taken with a pinch of salt, but 7% reminds one of the film “The Downfall”…

Predictably, knives are now being sharpened like it's nobody's business…

Yesterday (Sunday) there was a speech of Theresa May which, whilst still paying lip service to Cameron, was a clear programmatic platform to present a possible alternative leadership.

Today another Tory heavyweight, Liam Fox, heavily criticises Osborne and Cameron “posh Labour” economic policy, calling for real reductions in taxing and spending rather than the actual policy largely made of posturing and brutal cost reductions…. all scheduled for after the 2015 elections.

Then there is the former grandee Michael Portillo, going on record with the encouraging statement it's improbable the Party will kick Cameron out before the election, rather after the defeat in 2015….

Then there is the ascent of the UKIP; who, whilst very imperfect – they also pander to the LGBT crowd like a bunch of old trollops outside the saloon – are simply depriving the Tories of the last dreams of re-election; so much so, that the diaspora of conservative votes has now roused the appetite of the Lib-Dems in marginal yellow-against-blue constituencies.

Add to all this the death in the womb of the proposed changes in the constituency boundaries – already a heavy blow for the Chameleon – and you will understand how truly, truly desperate the situation is.

Behind all this, explicitly mentioned by many and implicitly meant by all, is Cameron's unconscionable policy on sexual perversion, in the meantime so universally refused from the party (behind a thin facade) and the voters (much more openly) as to let one believe Cameron wants to put the party on a train to Switzerland, to put everyone (himself included) in a “Dignitas” clinic. I am not sorry to say the probability only he and a couple of his will be put on the train is far higher.

What other bad news can there be for the Prime Minister? Hhmmm, let us see… what about the UKIP making clear that Cameron's head on a tray is the precondition for every talk of an alliance in 2015? Or perhaps the insisted rumours of a motion of non confidence might be of interested for the PM?

I might be wrong, but I have the strong impression Cameron's PC, pink, rainbow, all things to all people, “gay marriage is conservative” boat is sinking fast, and no one will be willing to save the captain.

Cameron has defied the very soul of the party – and of that part of he Country where its real power base lies – to play the enlightened socialite, or more probably to get some sex from his left-leaning, champagne-progressivist wife. It serves him right.

The price of a virtuous wife is far above rubies, says more or less the Bible; but the Camerons don't read the bible, so they were informed too late. What the bible does not say, is that a Prime Minister willing to prostitute himself, his party and Christian values to be in the grace of his wife marches towards political ruin in this life, and he'll in the next.



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  1. Always keep tight hold of nurse
    for fear of meeting somthing worse

    ie my hopes for owt in this world, nowheres in Europe, are not high, or as Fz said /quoted “You can’t expect salvation to arrive in Air force one”
    Which for all that if you vote conservative, the brand could be better represented, methinks, but who?

    And Catholics shoulda gone into single-issue voting mode on abortion in 67 and stayed there. Note would have been taken.Never too late too start.

    • Well if you ask me the answer is exactly to become a single-issue voters and send a clear message the Tories will never be in power again, end of. At that point, one day the brand will be represented by people coming out of the civil society, and burying the present political class. Whether they call themselves “Tory” or not is perfectly irrelevant, the name “Tory” hasn’t even deserves to survive if you ask me…


  2. You are too optimistic – he’ll be there until 2015 – the media like him.

  3. I’m somewhat blissfully ignorant of a lot of American politics so I surely don’t know anything at all about the British workings. Is Cameron destroying your country in a similar vein as Obama, i.e. radically liberal social engineering and the bigger the government, the better? Can the damage they do be undone?

    • Cameron is a kind of timid Obama. Imagine Obama if he had been elected with the Republicans (I know, madness…).

      He isn’t spending like mad in Obama-style, but he is not doing much to reduce the bloated spending of thirteen years of Labour government. The deficit is a multiple of what it is in Italy (if memory serves we are at 8% for 2011, the figure for 2012 will not be far from that; we are not distant from Obama’s levels) and the country has been saved Greece’s destiny only from having its own central bank (which Greece hasn’t), who has “printed” (nowadays they call it “quantitative easing”) more than £350 bn, soon reaching £400, from 2009 on. This is more than three years of deficit in basically four and a half years. We will pay this with inflation (we are doing it already), though thankfully not with economic strangulation as the deficit explodes.

      Cameron and Osborne talk tough concerning debt reduction, but they don’t do much. It is different from Obama, whose spending is ideological. But the end result isn’t much different.

      On the social engineering side, these are people telling you sodomarriage is “conservative”. Go figure.

      I despise conservatives betraying conservatism more than I despise socialists promoting socialism.

      In all ages, the fifth column among your ranks has been despised more than the enemy on the other side. Cameron should be a Lib Dem (the coalition ally, basically water carriers, a bunch of atheists and perverts) and make happy his wife and all of us.


  4. I think (as a Tory voter) we’re returning to the original meaning of the name ‘Tory’: it comes from the Middle Irish tóraidhe meaning brigand! I can’t think of a better description for the sainted PM!

  5. Elizabeth
    Thinking teaparties, Sarah Palin and others, For all the Roves and Romneys, from outside it looks as if Stateside some sort of political or social expression of a Christian view of society may be down but not out – whereas, (Spain and UK I am surest of) , over much of Euope the socalled “right” “conservatives” “christian democrats” et al are bland , mushy, trendies in their leaders and apparatus, though not in all of their electoral support- didn’t bring in abortion, happy to administer it, didn’t bring in perventing the very name of marriage,( Uk, however it is Cameron who’s got this very “law” in the pipeline)happy to administer it, didn’t bring in muzling hate speech laws, happy with them happy with statist and totalitarian control, happy with antihuman climate change appeasement, happy for any christain manifestion to be froze out….
    It’s a long list.
    The eternal viewpoint is more important, but the social state of things is a pointer : the root cause is surely that the salt has lost its savour: If catholics arent catholic, then the whole material show is a rotten tooth .

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