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Italy: Abortionist Doctors On Their Way To Extinction


I knew the numbers for London doctors are good (for us), but this here is a devastating blow for the Nazi troops.

In Italy, conscientious objection is over 70% among doctors, with some regions at or above 90% when counting effective objectors.

If one considers objection is highest among the youngest doctors, one has a clear picture of the Italian abortionist doctor as a more endangered species than the Panda.

Predictably, Nazi Activists are now getting nervous,  and asking for legislative provisions to force the doctors to kill babies.

Keep dreaming, Adolfo...

This is one of those areas where a strong Pope – and strong clergy – can really do a lot. Again, Catholic thinking – broadly intended – still has a big traction in the country: but it must be cultivated and led to bring fruit, with an aggressive defence of Catholic values.

The article seems to praise Pope Benedict for the advancement of the cause; but I’d say the Italian clergy themselves – and Cardinal Bagnasco first – are the ones who deserve praise.

Bagnasco was the kind of chap willing to cause a pandemonium in order not to have atheist ads on buses. Compare with London, where atheists and homos advertise their own stuff undisturbed (but Christian organisations are not allowed, because it is “hate”: frock yourself, Boris…) and our Archbishop Vincent “Quisling” Nichols is so nuanced he doesn’t even notice, and you’ll see what a difference assertive clergy makes.

Think of this: if your clergy are ready to put up a fight for atheist ads on the bus, what message will this give concerning their attitude about abortion? 

Kudos for the Italian doctors. The vast majority of them still know what the Hippocratic Oath means.



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I hope that my regular readers approve my stance, but there is no doubting in the general corruption of everything Catholic these days the comparison – often read on these columns; very rarely elsewhere – of sodomy with abominations like zoophilia, incest and pedophilia tends to “offend” the more sensitive natures; either because they are poorly instructed and polluted by the politically correct climate of our time, or because they simply want to feel “good” and “sensitive”, which has in itself become the new religion of the shallow and the outright stupid.

It might, therefore, be of some use in your discussions with friends, relatives and perhaps even colleagues of yours – as long as this does not imperil your job, of course, which I would not find very prudent – to know about this nice statement:

“Why say ‘no’ to forms of legally recognised co-habitation which create…

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Saucy Detail From The Conclave.


Gianluigi Nuzzi, the journalist who obtained from Paolo Gabriele the Vatileaks material, asked to be credentialed to cover the Conclave. This would have meant great proximity to the event, access to press conferences, perhaps some working space of sort, etc. 

Unsurprisingly, the request was refused.

It’s pretty much the same as if Hitler had asked to become a member of the World Jewish Congress.


Keep Calm, And Pray On: First Smoke Is Black.

The first smoke is black.

I wonder how many wannabe pundits will now say “it’s because of priest celibacy”, or “no agreement about sex abuse scandals”, or simply “divided Church cannot reach agreement”.

The United States need more than one year and a vast amount of money to elect a President in charge for only four years.

Keep calm, and pray on.


Holier Than Thou

In a welcome bit of entertainment in these hours preceding a historic decision, some funny people have put in scene a micro-manifestation in front of the tailor in charge of the Papal habit (I think he makes three, so do not expect the garment to fit perfectly).

The improvised comedians chanted on the lines of “animals have a spirit too”; which, if I understand correctly, prevents said animals from being used to make fur (note to self: furs to be made only from spiritless material).

It is not reported how good the comedians felt, though I personally do not doubt they felt extremely holy. Unfortunately, the locals seemed to heartily disagree, complaining instead for the noise and disturbance with that typical Italian common sense so good at distinguishing a holy man from an hopeless, self-centred idiot.

I'd love to know how many of the funny guys believe Man has an immortal soul, and how many of those who do believe Man has, but animals haven't. What I do believe is that they are persuaded the Pope has failed to live up to their standards, and Christianity has a 2000 years tradition of “spirit genocide”. How many of them wore leather articles – rather than jute, cotton and wool exclusively) also remains to be seen.

Either way, we had our bit of fun.

I can't wait for the appeal to the Pope to cover the Vatican Gardens with solar panels.


Easy Slogans

Today marks the beginning of the Conclave, and the one or other Cardinal still manages, through friendly journalists, to get his name mentioned in the press, together with the one or other easy slogan making his name look so beautiful.

This morning, two of them have attracted my still sleepy attention: the Church is, says one Cardinal, supposed to bring “joy” to the world. If you ask another, the Church must “accompany” it.

This is the kind of Tofu Catholicism with which two generations of unfortunate faithful have now been fed. It tastes of nothing, but it is fashionable, and apparently considered healthier than the traditional fare.

Now, I have nothing against joy. If David Cameron were to be ousted today, I would experience a heavy dose of it. I also like Hope as a theological virtue, and try to practice it as good as I can. But when Catholicism – nay; the role itself of the Church – is reduced to “joy” something is going very, very wrong.

Tofu Catholicism does not confront one with the harsh realities of life, but rather sweeps the unpleasant news under the carpet or, if we want to remain by the culinary metaphor, neglects the possibility of death out of lack of vitamins. “Joy” becomes, for the clergy and the laity of the V II generation, an easy escapism which refuses to even consider the extremely harsh, but extremely real, threat of Hell. This Catholicism is like a Brothers Grimm's tale where the wolf is automatically neutralised, grandma is taken out of his belly amidst the applause of the crowds, and the happy end is simply taken for granted whilst everyone feels so good and holy. Whatever this is, this is not Catholicism. Let's hope we are spared a Pope of the “joyous” type.

The other easy slogan is the “accompanying”. How beautifully ambiguous! How wonderfully uncommitted! One can “accompany” pretty much anyone on this planet without doing the least for their salvation. One can “accompany” them through their divorcing and remarrying, their contracepting, their morning-after-pill taking, their “gay friends” boasting, without ever having to say one word about the grave dangers their walk leads into. Still, how good it sounds. Gentle. Caring. Full of understanding.

It is a clear indication of the V II clergyman that he tries not to mention Christ. If he does, he'll present a kindergarten version of Him, lest the sheep be scared. He'll rather “accompany” them, babbling tofu-tasting waffle about “joy”, and “accompanying” them all the way to hell.

Today marks the beginning of the Conclave.

O Lord, please give us a strong Pope.



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