Italy: Abortionist Doctors On Their Way To Extinction


I knew the numbers for London doctors are good (for us), but this here is a devastating blow for the Nazi troops.

In Italy, conscientious objection is over 70% among doctors, with some regions at or above 90% when counting effective objectors.

If one considers objection is highest among the youngest doctors, one has a clear picture of the Italian abortionist doctor as a more endangered species than the Panda.

Predictably, Nazi Activists are now getting nervous,  and asking for legislative provisions to force the doctors to kill babies.

Keep dreaming, Adolfo...

This is one of those areas where a strong Pope – and strong clergy – can really do a lot. Again, Catholic thinking – broadly intended – still has a big traction in the country: but it must be cultivated and led to bring fruit, with an aggressive defence of Catholic values.

The article seems to praise Pope Benedict for the advancement of the cause; but I’d say the Italian clergy themselves – and Cardinal Bagnasco first – are the ones who deserve praise.

Bagnasco was the kind of chap willing to cause a pandemonium in order not to have atheist ads on buses. Compare with London, where atheists and homos advertise their own stuff undisturbed (but Christian organisations are not allowed, because it is “hate”: frock yourself, Boris…) and our Archbishop Vincent “Quisling” Nichols is so nuanced he doesn’t even notice, and you’ll see what a difference assertive clergy makes.

Think of this: if your clergy are ready to put up a fight for atheist ads on the bus, what message will this give concerning their attitude about abortion? 

Kudos for the Italian doctors. The vast majority of them still know what the Hippocratic Oath means.



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