Habemus Papam!



I know, it’s banal…

I just can’t wait to know who he is..

Oh Lord, please the right one!


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  1. Mundabor,
    oh Lord, even Schönborn could not have been worse. He’s a radical modernist on liturgy, a JESUIT (!!!) and most certainly a socialist.
    Lord have Mercy…
    The only ray of hope: He’s 76 years old.

  2. He’s the Anti-Ratzinger even I could not have expected in my worst dreams. I, the pessimist, was far, far too optimistic.

  3. Well, his first act was to give a plenary indulgence to all of us, so that is a good start, and one in the eye for Lutherans

  4. Here’s hoping for another Saint Thomas Becket then, may Our Lord protect and guide our Holy Father Pope Francis.

    God Bless.

  5. Reeling – a flagrant Modernist of the worst sort. I wanted Cardinal Burke for Pope, altohugh even the worst I expected – Cardinal Scola, a ‘Communio’ Balthasar-and-Lubac New Theologian – would have been better than ‘Pope Bergoglio’.

    This is a terrible, terrible blow to Tradition and the Tridentine Mass. Pope St. Pius X, pray for us! I think we had all better swear the Oath Against Modernism again and pray to St. Michael the Archangel to strengthen us for the battle against ‘the synthesis of all heresies’.

    He is the Holy Father and as Abp. Lefebvre, for instance, or Cardinal Siri was loyal to Paul VI so we must be to Francis I but I am terribly frightened.

    To fudge ‘Brideshead’ – Sweet Lady, let the shadows of these haunted late years pass and the sweet sound of the Mass of Trent, the Traditional Latin Mass, the Mass of Ages sing to your Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of Jesus for ever more.

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