Pope Francis, The SSPX, Pope Emeritus Benedict, And The Others.

Around midnight now, and still trying to digest the new Pope.

Whilst I do so, I’d like to share some reflections with you, on which I might expand in the next days. 

1) Many have asked the SSPX to accept the “preambolo” no matter how bad. It is now evident this would have been a very bad move not only in itself, but in light of a Pope clearly hostile (at least up to now) to the Traditional Mass.  Also, an agreement that might have been changed or recused only months later isn’t the smart thing to do in any case. The SSPX has decided to do things only when they can be done properly, and this is very good. Let them wait for any hostile initiative of the new Pope, if he dares. More prestige, publicity, and followers for them.

2) Too many conservative Catholics play “loyal Catholic” at the expense of the SSPX. It will be interesting to see where they stand if Francis starts to demolish Summorum Pontificum, and force the likes of the FSSP to celebrate the New Mass, perhaps the new Mass exclusively. I expect from them that they all obey without a moment’s hesitation; it would serve them right, too…

3)  The same applies to the Pontiff Emeritus, who might well pay a terrible price for his indecisiveness. He initiated a reform (Summorum Pontificum) he never had the guts to enforce. He might now see how the only notable achievement of his pontificate is demolished under his very eyes. It would serve him right, too: if he had demanded that Summorum Pontificum (and himself) are taken seriously, and had appointed more conservative cardinals (both liturgically and otherwise), we might have lived a very different day. Live by Vatican II, die by Vatican II. 

I wish everyone a good night. Though the dreams might not be so sweet.


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  1. What we must NOT do is confuse loyalty and blind obedience. Even the Holy Father cannot change the Faith. None of the documents of the Vatican II, Modernist revolution were attempted to be promulgated infallibly. Our loyalty is to God’s Church, to God’s Vicar, but to Our Lord, Our Lady and the Catholic Faith whole and entire, Sacred Tradition whole and entire. As the Archbishop said, ‘there are those who are for Pascendi and the Syllabus and those who are against. It is simple. It is clear.

    Intemperate as he may have been, the Abbe de Nantes was loyal to the Catholic Church when the wrote the Books of Accusation. Archbishop Lefebvre was loyal to the Church at Econe in ’88. It is disloyal to the Faith to obey a heretical decree if the Pope and every other Bishop in the world sealed it.

  2. Let us hope Francis I would not be so stupid – he is a Pope for all. That said, he was an archbishop in Argentina for a wide flock, but would not countenance the TLM under which he was ordained (?). Was not +Williamson in Argentina?

    • Yes he was. One of their seminaries is in Argentina, and if memory serves Williamson not only was a teacher there, but he ran the shop.

      I might be wrong on the last detail, mind.


  3. Is he still considered hostile if he promoted Summorum Pontificum within 48 hours of it’s announcement? Would that not be a good thing?



    God Bless.

    • Sorry Christopher, you were a victim of my “Spam gestapo” .. 😉

      Unfortunately this has in the meantime proved wrong. Rorate Caeli has an extremely eloquent post on that, and the excellent Father Finigan has posted correction and apologies (unnecessary, in my eyes, but ok…).


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