Be Brave


The morning after, and conservative Catholics are trying to come to terms with what has happened. I have been around on the Internet, and I see a despondency almost pleased of itself. “We are doomed!”; “Lord, have mercy!” and similar expressions are very easy to be found. Do you want my take?

Get a grip.

The world has not ended, and it is not as if Schoenborn or Meisner had been made Pope. This Pope might be bad or very bad as the case may be (I have almost abandoned hope that he might be only mildly bad, though you never know), but he will not be the undoing of anything, least of all our Holy Mother Church.

The Church who survived Liberius and Benedict IX, John XXII and Alexander VI, Leo X and Paul VI will also survive Francis, no matter how bad or how long his pontificate. Countless souls may be lost, but we must see in this a deserved punishment for the folly of the past 50 years, a folly possibly far away from being terminated.

In the end, I dare to say my own salvation and the salvation of the ones I love is a more pressing need to me than the Cardinals electing the right Pope. Everyone reading this blog is either properly instructed himself or on its way to be it; perhaps on his way to conversion to the Faith, or to the Only Church. This is what counts most in our individual lives.

Be brave. Continue what you are doing. Try to pray more, or better, or both. Nurture yourself from the endless resources of traditional Catholicism now luckily available on the Internet, particularly for those able to read in English. No Pope Francis will ever be able to block your way to salvation, or to change a iota in the way you interact with your loved ones.

The Church – and the life of all of us – is a rich tapestry whose beauty is made of contrast. The folly of the past caused a re-awakening in so many souls; even out of a great tragedy like Vatican II, God can make good fruits. You, my dear reader, are probably one of them.

At my age, I must accept the possibility that I will die without seeing the return to liturgical and pastoral (real, not fake) sanity. So be it, then. I will endeavour to walk in faith all the days the Lord has allotted to me, knowing that if I manage to escape the worst – which I do hope I will – the problems of the Church will have been for me an incentive to think, and do, better; and the day I die, I hope to be able, wretched sinner as I am, to at least say the words: tradidi quod et accepi.

Strive to learn more. Take refuge in the wisdom of the ages. Resolve to improve your knowledge of sound Catholicism as the world around you drowns in easy sound bites who could have been said by the Pope, or John Lennon, or Bono. Never lose hope, and never lose faith.

Don’t despair. Pray more. Be brave.


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  1. Well said. Thanks for your insightful posts. I spent the last two days reading your archives and I am mightily impressed.

  2. Last night I went to bed emotionally exhausted and depressed but Fr Z’s blog this morning has cheered me up somewhat.

    Another thing that cheers is the quotation from the new Holy Father, when as Cardinal he said:

    “We should commit ourselves to Eucharistic coherence, that is we should be concious that people cannot receive Holy Communion, and at the same time act or speak against the commandments, in particular when abortion, euthanasia and other serious crimes against life and the family are facilitated.

    This responsibility applies particularly to legislators, governors and health professionals.”

    If Pope Francis acts on these words, then look out Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Tony Blair and the other cafeteria Catholics in public life.

    • Let’s hope he takes a strong and public stance. If he does, though, he’ll also have to silence the many wolves among the Cardinals who actually work for the Pelosis of this world…


  3. Well said, Mundabor!

  4. Thanks for your aid in my serenity today. God Bless You, Dear Blogger. God Bless Our Pope, Francis.

  5. Excellent post. Jesus may be asleep in the boat but we don’t need to start swimming just yet. God bless you, you have cheered me up.

  6. Well, all I can say to that post is a sincere and very large Thank You! What a breath of fresh air. And just what I needed to read this morning. As I was preparing to fall asleep last night, rather down and out, some of the same thoughts came to me, but not nearly as eloquently and in-depth. Once again, thank you. You’re spot on, as usual.

    • What is happening today? All this praise…! 🙂

      Thank you all again!


    • Mundabor: In response to all the praise you’re getting today…. The phrase from a movie comes to mind: “Because we like you so much”! 🙂

    • Thank you Elizabeth, and heartily corresponded!

      Which movie is this, if I may ask? Same title?


    • @Mundabor: I was afraid you’d ask me that and I’d have to admit to having that phrase stuck in my brain from the movie “Meet Joe Black”. (Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt…) It was a scene early in the movie, a sweet moment, when the man and woman meet and talk for the first time. Just one of those moments of disarming honesty and I found it so touching. Not what I’d call a great movie but entertaining. I can watch pretty much anything if Anthony Hopkins is in it.

    • Thanks Elizabeth, and duly noted!


  7. I am still in shock and was very curious to know what you thought. So many hopes dashed. We’ve had our differences but you have cheered me up just a little.

  8. Mundabor:

    Laudetur Iesus Christus!

    I very much like and agree with your thoughts and agree especially with you here. I still have my Latin Mass and Chapel. I have the means to save my soul and the souls of my family and I can pray and sacrifice and that is my allotted task in life. I am 54 yrs old and I much doubt if I will see the “triumph” but if that is God’s design, so be it. I, too was very disappointed at first, but Francis is our Pope and God does write straight with crooked lines. I will do what I can for Pope Francis and maybe a miracle will take place. After all our Lord made a Church that conquered the greatest empire from a bunch of illiterate fisherman and other low life Galilleans.

    God bless!

    Michael Y.

    • …. And if I may be cynical he is 76, not 56…

      Let’s hope he will be a halfway acceptable Pope. If not, the Church will bury him like She did with many others before him…


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