Soon The Papal Pinocchio Mass?

Just so we do not think the Cardinals have chosen an example of liturgical orthodoxy, this is what we are confronted with.

I think at 7:50 what you are supposed to see is Jesus.

If you haven’t had enough, feast your eyes with the “Smiling Christ On The Cross” at 8:08.

I pity the poor children.




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  1. A link in this line from Rorate Caeli:

    Abp Lefebvre, ora pro nobis!

  2. How bored the kids looked when the camera panned them. You don’t fool kids as fast as you can fool cardinals!

    • … and their boredom will translate in the probable abandonment of the faith when they grow up, as Catholicism will become to them that stupid kindergarden show with the man in gold desperately trying to be fun…


  3. ” “Smiling Christ On The Cross” at 8:08″ – “Hey Mom, you can see our house from here”

  4. I clicked on to the next section. I wish I hadn’t.

  5. How very disheartening. Wonder when this took place. So contrived, so jejune, so very tragic. You cannot fool children. They know sham gaity when they experience it.

    • There is a “subtitle” in Spanish saying it was the thirtieth Sunday of the liturgical year 2011.
      Basically, the day before yesterday.


  6. Imagine population teeming Buenos Aries. The attendance looks pretty paltry.

    • I think they had difficulties in forcing enough children to attend.
      Nothing but the threat of physical punishment would have persuaded me…


  7. When you first started posting about the new pope, I thought to myself, “Wow, Mundabor is being a bit hard on him… Surely he can’t be that bad if he’s made it all the way to the top.”

    I now realise how wrong I was.

    • You are surely not Catholic?

      A Catholic knows that being very bad, or even worse, is no obstacle to getting to the very top… 😉 Google “Leo X” or “Benedict IX” for further proof… 😉

      A Catholic also knows that one of the proofs of the Divine Institution of the Church is the fact she survived all kind of bad popes, corruption, heresy – not at a dogmatic level, but at all other levels – and general stupidity; and she is still there, burying empires….


  8. His lifestyle has obviously been one of renuciation, poverty, and living by his beliefs (at least by outward appearance). This makes it even harder for me to understand allowing this type of liturgical inanity – and insanity.

    Need I quote from the V2 document on the liturgy? Nowhere did Vatican II call for any such liturgical novelties. It speaks of Gregorian Chant at the parish level. How anyone can justify this nonsense as keeping with Vatican II is simply unbelievable.

    Oh well, we will see how the new pope proceeds.

    • We must not make the mistake to think just because he lives in poverty one is right. I would even warn from making the mistake one who lives in poverty is humble, though in his case I truly hope he is.

      We can certainly say the man is not shy. Which in my book is, in itself, very good.


  9. While this sort of rubbish would have until very recently raised my blood pressure I’m starting slowly to see matters in a different light. It is not hard to view the priests and bishops involved as captive to this nonsense – yes, playing along, but doing so because they’ve been fed this rubbish themselves since the seminary, told that this is the way to reach “the youth” (it reaches them alright, and they run for the hills). No doubt there is a middle-aged female directress of liturgy working overtime here. Take a look at the enthusiastic cheerleader out front in the first minutes – a well-meaning poster-child for the great apostasy. The display itself, however, doesn’t seem to be blasphemous or heretical. Just very sad. And I can’t hold it against the Holy Father or those involved (a new position to find myself in, to be sure): this is simply the world they inhabit, the joyous springtime of the Council.

    I have just finished the following:, and recommend the read. Combined with yesterday’s brief homily on the Church, the Cross and Christ crucified, his obvious Marian devotion (including, I read, to Our Lady of Fatima) and his visit to the tomb of Pius V, I would say that perhaps we have a surprise package here. These last few weeks I have found myself praying for not an arch-traditionalist, as I would prefer, but merely a strong and holy pope – a saintly headkicker (crumby gothic vestments or not). It may be that such is what we have been given. Deo gratias.

    • I agree, I do not think that here a willful destruction of Catholic values is at play, merely a tragic ignorance. Like a youth you ruins his brains with lady gaga because he doesn’t know better.

      Still, we can’t say this ignorance is inculpable. Bergoglio has a certain age, and has lived the Mass and the Church before Vatican II. The kindest thing one can say is that he should know better.

      I agree with you he appears very strong on other points, stronger than Benedict will ever be. if he continues on the path that seems to appear, this will be the first Pope since Pius XII to really challenge the secular world on abortion, sodomy etc. rather than limit himself to meowing he knows noone will pay attention to. But again, in order to do so he will perforce have to keep his line his own bishops, which if he continues to call himself “bishop of Rome” won’t be easy.

      The man appears to me, up to now, a man of extremes: extreme (hopefully) in what he does right, and extreme (hopefully not) in what he does wrong.

      But in the end, if he does not protect true liturgy he is destined to fail, because if your lex orandi is flawed, your lex credendi will also be flawed (he is a clear example, with his “social justice” exaggerations) and your lex vivendi will follow in the end.

      We shall see.


    • Also, I would suggest that we do not get “accustomed” to this kind of rubbish. Wrong is wrong even if everyone is wrong.


  10. Mundabor, I must recant my earlier sentiments here. You picked it right in a future post – cheap emotionalism. It is easy to allow oneself to get carried away with optimism, a hope and trust in our new Peter which now seems misplaced. The conduct of the liturgy is an excellent indicator of the substance of the priest, and – you are right – how could we ever allow ourselves to become accustomed to abomination. How many martyrs went to the scaffold rather than renounce the Mass, which now is so wantonly violated. The “inauguration” has sealed it, it is perfectly clear now what is to come. The “Bishop of Rome”. No crown – no King. A regular guy, reading Kasper in his spare time. A revolution in black shoes and plain cassock.

    • I have not yet (had the courage to) read about what has happened at the inauguration.

      Hope it’s not too bad. Though I might be wrong.


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