Don’t Believe The Rumours

Pope Francis was elected only some days ago, and the most savage rumours have begun to circulate.

First there was the Anglican chap reporting the then Cardinal told him “we need you as Anglican”, a senseless drivel that can only come from, erm, an Anglican.

Then there was the rumour that the newly elected Pope had given instruction to look for accommodation in a monastery for Cardinal Law. A prelate of the Church being involved, the Vatican has made officially known this is rubbish.

Thirdly, Cardinal Hummes has expressed his opinion that the Mass must be “changed”, in which way we are not told, and the Internet is aflame with fears of the upcoming Apocalypse. Last time I looked, the Pope’s family name was Bergoglio, not Hummes, and he seems a rather strong-willed man; a man of the type that is not so easily influenced as a more wavering man (like Benedict) would.

Lastly, the dreamers and nutcases are in full delusion mode, with Leonardo Boff (yes, he is still alive) abandoning himself to the most absurd heretic’s wet dreams because Bergoglio is now Pope and can, or so Boff thinks, “do what he wants”.

My suggestion is that we do not lose perspective and, in the evaluation of the Pope’s intentions, stick either to what the new Pope has demonstrably said and done, or to what appears reasonable interpretation from people who have earned a reputation of seriousness and credibility. The Pinocchio Mass is documented in video, as are the black shoes and the refusal to wear the Mozzetta. Cardinal Pell’s indication we would have “little to fear” are worth reporting as a reasonable forecast from a reasonable man. Savage fantasies about impending revolutions should not be cause of any worry.


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  1. I suspect you are right – this man is no push over. He stood up to the Liberation Theology lot when they were in the ascendant in Latin America – I doubt, somehow, he intends to roll over now he is Pope.

    • I think what we will rather get is “JP II on steroids”. Populism like never before, daily flirting with heresy, ambiguous statements wherever you turn, and a hard battle on two or three issues, of which I am afraid the edification of the Franciscan (the Pope’s) Paradise On Earth will be one.

      I will equip myself with patience…


    • Well, one thing’s for sure, we shall see soon enough 🙂

    • Yes, this is also what should suggest everyone to stay calm as much as he can. There’s no way the new man can really hide his intention for very long…


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