War Cry, Not False Compassion!

War Cry, Not False Compassion!

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  1. It’s funny you bring this up today. Literally one hour ago I was debating one of our countless “misguided” fellow Catholics regarding almost the same thing on another site. It had nothing to do with homosexuality but rather “if we aren’t hurting someone, then how can we sin?” It is simply stunning how so many “Catholics” cannot understand the concept of a sin being a sin simply because it offends and hurts God. Then again, this is what we learn every Sunday if we aren’t attending Mass in the right place. As real as God’s mercy is, we rarely hear about his justice; we constantly hear how much He loves us (which of course He does) but we rarely ever hear about the reality of the perils of sin. The book “Purgatory” by Fr. F.X. Schouppe should be required reading for all Catholic high school aged children. If that book doesn’t set you straight about what constitutes sin and what the perils of those sins are, then nothing will.

    • Arwiv, this is the evil result of our clergy having largely transformed themselves in a bunch of eunuchs unable to even mention what a sin is lest it lets the pewsitters feel uncomfortable. Your fellow Catholic is, in some measure, sinned against.

      I’ll try to get my hand on the book you mention. I read a very good one on hell, heaven and purgatory by the great Garrigou-Lagrange.


  2. yes….I have not read that book but I know of it: Fr. Martin von Cochem wrote something similar, The Four Last Things, back in the 1600’s. When I googled the book you mentioned I arrived at a site where both Schouppe”s and von Cochem’s books were also listed.

  3. Sorry for the delay…this is the site I happened upon:http://www.marianland.com/hell008.html

    I did not peruse the site too carefully, but it was the first site I came upon.

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