Photographs That Will Go Down In History



Note the altar ad orientem, and the veiled cross.

As they said in that most famous movie: “surreal, but nice”.


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  1. Quite beautiful. I’m delighted to see the ad orientem altar – I think, although I know you think you think (good grief) Benedict XVI was a ‘roi faineant’, he was in his principle, example and immortal legislation (three cheers for S-P!) a great friend of Tradition and the restoration of the Faith – Santo Subito!

    • Isn’t it ironic the Pope who gave us Summorum Pontificum ended his Papacy without celebrating one Traditional Mass in public? I think in this his fundamental lack of decisiveness and incisiveness is well represented.
      I noticed from the video the Pontiff Emeritus appears very frail, too. I do not understand the criticism to his decision: the energies were clearly not there anymore for a man who was not a lion even in stronger days…


  2. His decision was clearly well thought out. It was also the correct decision.

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