Abortion, Uterus, And Property Rights.

Ipsa Dixit.

Ipsa Dixit.

We all know that pro-abortion radicals have no problem with male politicians speaking in support of abortion, or male lobbyists fighting for federal funding of Planned Parenthood, or male doctors performing abortions. But the minute a man speaks out for life, it’s “HEY! If you don’t have a uterus, ZIP IT!!!”

No, Madame Anger, I will not zip it. Unless you are trying to tell me my fly is down, in which case, thank you. I will zip it slowly and carefully.

Guys, I don’t know about you, but I for one am tired of being told that because I can never carry a child, I can’t stick up for one. It’s time to stop bowing to prejudice. It’s time to start being men.

In conclusion, to those who burn with rage when we men have the nerve to stand up for life, I offer this humble apology: please forgive us for being born male. What were we thinking?

This very funny lines come from the author of an article appeared on a pro-life site, and worthy of being read in its entirety. I think it stands out for the refreshing openness so far away from the usual political correctness surrounding these arguments.

Having a uterus does not give her owner any property right over any human being, least of all an unborn child. 


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  1. I am unable to have children – but try stopping me defending the unborn. Great post.

  2. Sanger – filthy mass-murderess who should have faced the gallows like any other child murderer at the time.
    Another excellent ‘abortion’ post. The murderousness of the abortive mind, that anyone can genuinely be wicked enough to have murdered, in cold blood, their own flesh and blood, their own child, terrifies me.

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