It Must Be The Whole Truth

Look, even in Spanish!

Look, even in Spanish!


One of tragic problems of modern Christianity is that the religion of niceness pollutes their very thinking and speaking.

Once upon a time, he who murdered a person was a murdered. It’s really not complicated. There were no questions about “judging”, the need to show “sensitivity”, the desire not to hurt one’s “feelings”, and the lot.

It is high time that we go back to a simple logic by which political correctness cannot deform, or remake, reality anymore: a woman who chooses to abort is the murderer of her baby. Why? Because she murdered him.

This thinking seems to make inroads among pro-life activists in the Socialist Republic of California, who are becoming rather explicit in the matter. 

A pro-life group in the San Fernando Valley is now producing a “provocative” documentary with a rather explicit intent, explicitly targeting an abortion clinic which might kill up to fifty babies a day.  They won’t mince words. As they put it:  

“It’s time the pro-life movement starts calling abortion what it is — murder. And it’s time the men and women who participate in the murder of unborn children are brought to the knowledge of their sin against God. They are murderers.”

No fake sensitivity here. Tell it as it is. False charity doesn’t help anyone.

Some more explanations:

“Our primary goal” […] “is to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone associated with the abortion industry, from the women having abortions to the people working inside the clinics. We don’t want anyone to perish in their sin. But we must stop showing deference to the feelings of women who are murdering their children. Yes, we must speak the truth in love, but it must be the whole truth.”

At times, truth is harsh; and when it is, a lot of “sensitive” people will not hesitate in attacking those who speak the truth accusing them – mind, without any sensitivity – of not being “charitable”, and “hurting” the “feelings” of women who are simply murdering a baby, and bla, bla, and bla.

  This must stop. It must be the whole truth.

The documentary is aptly called “Babies Are Murdered Here”. That’s a promising title, for sure.





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  1. Wonderful. Thank you very much, an excellent post! It’s a grim, foul and ugly business, so it is a great help to see others with the courage to fight infanticide to its face.

  2. Don’t know Mundabor if you are aware of the Kermit Gosnell trial going on here in the USA. Gosnell is a late term abortionist. One baby he tried to abort and failed to kill in utero, was born alive in the toilet of the clinic. He told his assistant to slit his throat, and she did. He joked that the baby boy (gestational age of 30 weeks) was “so big, he could walk me to the bus stop”. There is a graphic picture of this precious child online. He looks like a little boy!

    This all came out in last week’s trial via Lifesite News and other interested parties, but the big three networks totally ignored it. That would be CBS, NBC and ABC. The monster Gosnell kept baby parts in jars in his clinic in Philadelphia and spread veneral disease with his filthy instruments. You would think this would be a watershed in the minds of the public, but everyone is so blase and some have even reached the point where they admit babies are murdered, but say it is “necessary homicide”.

    For a great overview, go to Pundit and Pudette’s blog.

    • Shocking!
      Heavens, we do not have people like that in Europe, at least I very much hope so!
      I am sure he said he fought for the right of a woman to “choose”?


  3. Akita – that is really, really quite sickening. Such men should hang.

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