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One of the most striking practical differences between the Church of the past and the post-Vatican II one is an alarming fixation with “joy”. I cannot remember one homily from Archbishop Vincent “Quisling” Nichols and obligatorily read from the pulpit which did not insist on the concept. I also heard it mentioned from several NuChurch priests that the best way for Catholic to spread the Faith is to “give witness” with their “joy”.

This is, obviously if not explicitly, as opposed to vocally defend the Faith.

The image such inane waffling conjures (at least to my eyes) is of a bunch of not very intelligent looking men and women going around with a permanent grin on their face and in the meantime putting up with whatever error or abomination they see around them. This is in practice what happens on a daily basis, at least in what concerns the putting…

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  1. You know, after seeing Dolan process up the nave right by me at an event at St. Patrick’s last September while rubbing his hands together like Snidely Whiplash (I have video), I was praying he wouldn’t be elected. However, now that we have what we have, I’d rather have the buffoon.

    • … Or you might say if he had been elected we’d be condemned to his guffawing for the next 25 years?

      I do not think I’ll ever become a fan of Francis, but frankly this one here would not fill me with, erm, joy…

      I also think he knows he might be a stronger candidate next time around…


  2. I think the problem as many see it is that we’re dealing with at least two (maybe more…I’m not old enough to know) generations who feel instead of thinking, so rational arguments are not going to work. I would still contend that they are less likely to be won over by constant laughter as they are by seeing real Christian joy and a depth to the thought of the Catholics they know.

    What do you think wins the most converts and reverts? I reverted when I found that there was, indeed, substance to the Catholic faith…and that it all made sense, too, more sense than anything else.

    • Exactly so: they emote instead of thinking, and they do so because the stupid society and media they see around them does exactly the same.
      As you say, Catholicism is beautifully rational. But I doubt even many priests realise this.


  3. It’s very Modernist you know – I…feel it rather than I know it. It’s one of the big heresies condemned in the Syllabus – that faith is a ‘ blind sentiment of religion welling up from the depths of the subconscious under the impulse of the heart and the motion of a will trained to morality’ rather than ‘ genuine assent of the intellect to truth received by hearing from an external source’ (quotes from the Oath Against Modernism).

    Of course, that sort of thing (another fruit of the vile Immanuel Kant) leads, smack into subjectivism and from there to atheism. They indeed ’emote instead of thinking’, blind sentiment, what ‘feels right’ (truly the most poisonous I havve ever heard was the idea that sin was ‘something which hurts someone else’ – admittedly I did not hear that from a priest but from a secular layman, not even a Catholic, but when ‘what feels good’ or blind sentiment – need we remember that, along with the world and the Devil, the flesh is the enemy so the base feelings are very far from virtue and inclined to sin – becomes the rule, any attempt to reason with the Modernists fails.

    • Ah, the idea that only what damages someone else is “sin” is far more eradicated than you think. I would say it dominates the subconscious of the masses, though they never stop to think of the implications of this.


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