What Happened To Orphanages?

The Heathenlands

It would appear that in the Netherlands orphanages are not an option.

We know this because the Dutch head of Government has justified giving a child in adoption to a so-called “couple” of perverts with the remark that there weren't other candidates.

One wonders what has happened to common sense, though one could attempt the answer that in the Netherlands common sense was smoked up in weed a long time ago.

For countless generations, orphanages were the places where children without parents – or whose parents were alive but not in a position to raise them – could grow up in a protected environment and be raised with Christian values. Christian charity has taken care that the money for such establishments was available, and Christian feelings would not have allowed the children to be raised without a proper Christian education. I cannot imagine even Calvinists would, in the past, have reasoned any differently.

Not anymore, it appears. Firstly, the supposed “right” of a child to have “parents” prevails over basic common sense. Add to this the immense stupidity of considering two perverts a “couple” and you have all the ingredients for what is happening now.

One would hope this episode would now spark a great controversy, but this is truly not to be expected. For decades now, the Netherlands have been one of the most Godless countries on the planet, and there is no sign of this changing any time soon. In almost three years of intensive news reading on Catholic issue I also do not remember, off the cuff, a single time when a senior member of the Dutch Catholic clergy has taken a strong stance against evils considered normal in his own country. The Netherlands have reached such a degree of degeneration that only a very insistent, very vocal battle for Christian values would, after a number of years, put Christian issues in the public debate.

As the traditional Protestant countries experience the collapse of Christianity following the advanced state of decomposition of their Ecclesial communities, it should be the Church's role to pick up up the fight and build on the ruins of the Protestant suicidal madness.

Not happening, I am afraid.

I think I know how the average local Mass looks like.



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  1. Everywhere on earth the shepherds have thrown the sheep to the wolves. Here in Mormondom the scourage of polygamy still affects many adversely. Because within the enclaves of this practice (tens of thousands living in polygamy in the outback of the desert on the Utah-Arizona border) there are not enough women to go around so that each man has many wives, young men are outcast from these communities(by the “alpha-males” and are despairing. They don’t know any other life, and have an extremely difficult time assimilating into non-polygamy society. Many are suicidal, all are adrift. This has made the news many times over the years. Has a Catholic bishop here ever said a peep about the plight of these young men and condemned polygamy? I’ve never heard a public denunciation of polygamy from the chair of the bishop of Salt Lake. I think the office of the bishop of the diocese of Utah has been remiss in calling out this depravity for fear of offending the sensibilities of the dominant sect. After all, polygamy was once a hallmark of Mormonism, and one does not want to offend. Imagine the shining light on a hill our Church could be calling out all manner of depravity–polygamy, abortion, homosexual marriage, embryonic stem cell research, etc. Instead, the emphasis is on a perfectly safe, non-controversial issue like “immigration reform”. Who isn’t for immigration reform?? Ever heard of Casper Milquetoast? That’s what comes to mind when thinking of 80% of bishops worldwide.

    • Akita-estate, I am very surprised at knowing of this “backyard polygamy”, I’d have thought it had remained the preserve of just a couple of idiots…
      I’d say, though, this might prompt some conversion, if the men are smart enough…
      What is not surprising, is that the Bishop shuts up and plays “inclusive” instead.


  2. I spent some time in a Catholic orphanage when I became an out of control truant and had to be removed from my father’s care when I was about 11. It was, indeed a safe haven. The sisters there truly were patient with me. A credit to the faith and one influence in my decision to become a Roman Catholic.
    Years ago, I went back to the city where the orphanage was, only to find it had been razed to the ground. I wept. It was a beautiful building with a lovely chapel. Such a loss. Orphanages and foster homes, so many which are run by the Catholic Church are the only safe places for children without a good living situation. I lived also in a Catholic foster home, and it was a happy, pleasant memory for me.
    My brother went to live in a protestant run home, and I visited him. The caretaker was embezzling funds from the ‘ranch’ and it wasn’t such a good experience for him and my sister. So bad, that a family adopted my sister.

    • Touching and beautiful comment, Jewel, albeit sad that your sibling weren’t as fortunate as you.
      What I think we are losing is the culture of the protection of children of which orphanages were but the Christian expression.
      Also, the stupid run to “emancipation” has deprived many women of that tender and feminine spirit which made so that every young woman of my generation (bar a rabid feminist or two) would have relished working with children and be surrounded by them. I have personally known two men of my age grown in Italian orphanages: responsible, disciplined, well-planted men with none of the troubles of those who grew up with bad parents.

      Where the culture of the orphanage ends, the culture of abortion begins.


  3. I hope Rutte has his Islamic beheading insurance paid up!

  4. Stephen: I shouldn’t wish the Turk on anyone, but this is really past all belief.

    Holland (as I fear England is leaving) has left the firmament of Christian nations, if it did not do so when it apostatized from Holy Church c. 1560s.

    • Apparently they are now advancing fast towards polygamy. Which makes sense, as if “luv” if the only metre one cannot see why every other kind of “luv”, including animals and various combinations of perverts, should not be allowed.
      I can hear the cry; “who are you to judge?”. Christianity by hearsay, or better, aiding and abetting of satanic perversions.


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