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US Supreme Court: Before The Decision.

Judge from hell: Elena Kagan

To a Continental European like me, the working of the judiciary system in the United States is beyond stupid.

A homosexual judge living in “partnership” with his fellow pervert is allowed to walk over the majority of the voters of a 38 million state and decide that something concerning … him must be against the Constitution because… he is a pervert; after which a process start ending in front of a bunch of people – at least one of whom also officially a pervert – deciding whether what the people have decided is fine, or whether some fat lesbian should not decide it's better to do it her own way.

These judges – including the lesbian – are, following a system which to my knowledge has no parallel in Continental Europe, elected for life. Once a combination of a President without scruples and a Senate ready to back him is given, you can end up with a pervert in the Supreme Court for the next several decades, and can only hope she kicks the bucket fast.

It would still be less absurd if there was a tradition – as in Italy, say – of respect for the will of the democratic elected lawmakers, with the Constitutional Court very attentive not to fall into, so to speak, social engineering by the back door; but this is clearly not the case in the United States, where such elementary rights like the right to be born are trampled under the pretence the Constitution, erm, ahem, well (cough) says so.

It is, therefore, certainly the case that in the United States the biggest social changes of the last decades (abortion, and sodomy) have been introduced or are in the way of being introduced by judicial activism, with the asinine mob soon following the diktat of the judges because hey, the law says so. As I never tire to say, the laws of one generation are the morality of the following one, because unthinking minds – the vast majority, if we are honest – tend to consider moral what is legal. The perverts know this, and will try to have their way not through the democratic, but through the judicial route.

At some point, the reaction organises itself and the pendulum starts to swing the other side; but this only happens when the stupid generation who has first tolerated the judicially mandated societal changes dies, and a new generation is born that is not ready to accept the status quo, with abortion clearly a point in case. Probably the Supreme Court judges – and many others – thought Roe vs Wade had changed the landscape forever. Forty years later, we know this is absolutely not the case and the game is changing again, with ever the former Miss Roe now on the side of… Mr Wade.

If the Supreme Court of the United States comes out with another piece of subversive and perverted piece of social engineering, we can be sure that the battle to overturn it will go on for decades; but this time we will be comforted by the knowledge that whilst God's laws are immutable, one or two generations can be enough to put abominations once considered irreversible to a very severe test.

There is no way, I am afraid, our generation can hope to die in a world freed from the celebration of sexual perversion and the brutal uprooting of Christian culture from vast strata of the population; but this must not be on the least an occasion of dismay or despair. If they help us to gain Heaven, the few decades of battle against the arrogance of the perverts and the stupidity of the asinine mob will have been, the day we die, a small price to pay.

Our stupid, stupid generation is very probably destined to see a breakdown of Christian values without precedent in the history of the West, providing a very rich harvest for Satan and his minions; but such an age will also allow those who steadfastly refuse to conform to the lies of the age to accumulate merits, and perhaps to develop a love for a truth, that might not for many of us – and very probably for me – have been possible if we had lived under different circumstances.

When I think of our situation I am often reminded of the time of the Arian heresy, sweeping not only a great part of society, but even of those who called themselves orthodox Christians. The faithful soldiers of Christ of that age must have felt very isolated, and must have been continuously insulted and called impious, their lack of “inclusiveness” and “hate” for those oh so tolerant, open-minded Arians for everyone to see.

Do you think they cared? No, they didn't. They had their eyes fixed on Truth, not on the wrong opinions of their countrymen, or of the majority of the clergy, or of Pope Liberius himself. Wrong is wrong even if everyone is wrong, and right is right even if no one is right.

Let the fat lesbian do her worse, and a bunch of perverts and their stupid, stupid cheerleaders rejoice as much as they want.

They will get their reward.

But we, we will continue steadfastly, and try to our last day to merit, as far as we can, ours.


Allam Is Just Another Fake Convert

I wouldn't laugh if I were in his shoes: Magdi Cristiano Allam

Magdi Cristiano Allam has now announced he considers his conversion to Catholicism “finished”

If you browse the Italian press you will see Allam – a popular, if controversial journalist; convert from his cradle Islam, and its sworn enemy – has a long litany of grievances: the impering buonismo, or “good-ism”, the stance of too many among the clergy towards illegal immigration, the shock of what he calls the “two Popes”, and the orgy of “papolatry” after Pope Francis' election. His main grievance and “last straw” is, though, the soft stance taken by Pope Francis towards Muslims. Allam even goes as far as to say that Francis has offered a legitimation to the god of the Muslims, and to the Koran and the worship in mosques as authentic expressions of worship of God.

One does not even know where to start.

The stance of some of the clergy concerning immigration can be as wrong as Allam pleases, but it doesn't change a iota in Church doctrine. The doctrine of the Church comes from God, not from the one or other priest or bishop. Certainly, buonismo has afflicted the Church since the dawn of Vatican II, but Allam can surely not say he wasn't aware of it. Like the Fatherland, the Church will have a lot of problems, and plenty of wrong people in key positions; but even more than the Fatherland, the Church is loved for what it is, not for the people who act on its behalf.

This remark applies very fittingly to the most grave reproach moved to Pope Francis: giving a passport to Islam. Granted, Pope Francis' recent words have all the sugary ambiguity of Vatican II, and can – as it is typical for VII waffle – be interpreted by pretty much everyone as he likes. Still, there is a huge difference between saying that Pope Francis doesn't have the gut to talk straight about Islam and saying that he considers allah worshiping a legitimate form of God worship.

The question is, really, not even this one; the real key to all Catholic understanding is that what a Pope says concerning any matter concerned with the foundations of Catholic doctrine can never cause any deviation from it. A Pope cannot change infallible doctrine more than he can the course of the planets, or God himself. As a result, for a Catholic what the Pope says can be useful in gauging how orthodox this Pope is (and the Pope could be a heretic, as already happened in the past), but is perfectly irrelevant to his belonging to the Catholic Church.

Do you want it put more bluntly? Even if the Pope were to officiate a mixed ritual with a Hindu priest, a Rabbi and a Muezzin, this wouldn't change a iota in what the Truth is, what the Church stands for and my proud belonging to it; though of course it would have consequences on my assessment of the Pope and, in extreme cases, of his legitimacy in the office.

But you see, Allam doesn't say even that. He does not denounce the Pope as illegitimate, but the Church as wrong! He has, like many Protestant fake converts, made his own Bespoke church, and his allegiance to the Catholic Church only lasted as long as he considered the Church compatible with his own made-to-measure set of beliefs.

This is the more disappointing because Allam is an intelligent man, and Pope Benedict had in 2008 clearly accepted to officiate his conversion mass – a favour he refused to Tony Blair – exactly because he though Allam more committed and sincere than Blair.

We must not blame Benedict for Allam's voltafaccia. Allam is clearly the only one to blame; but this should be a cautionary tale for everyone – and I think here particularly of Anglicans – who think they can tailor Catholicism to the preferences and set of beliefs they already have, and discard their conversion once the new shop does not pay enough reverence to their own personal preferences.

What the Pope says has no bearing on Truth. Truth remains exactly the same whatever the Pope says. If the Pope defends the Truth well, he is a good Pope; if he does it badly or very badly, he is a bad or very bad Pope; if he spreads heretical thinking, he is an heretical Pope; and if he tries to spread his heretical thinking ex cathedra, then he – if he hasn't been killed by the Holy Ghost before doing it – loses his legitimacy and isn't Pope anymore.

But in all of this, a Catholic is true to the Church till death; lest, like Magdi Allam, he gravely endangers his soul in the pursue of his own prideful, home-made religion.

Allam has not said to what he wants to “convert” (unless to his own religion, of course) and I am not interested into the details of whether he is in formal apostasy. He has publicly distanced himself from the Church that embraced him just a few years ago, and has insulted Her as institution. I think this is bad enough.



Cardinal Dolan Allows A Sacrilege In Front Of His Eyes.

The Guffawing Cardinal found Biden receiving communion absolutely hilarious.

The Guffawing Cardinal found giving communion to Joe Biden absolutely hilarious.

Besides being an open supporter of so-called gay marriages, Biden is, as we all know, an open supporter of abortion, thinking his “personal” opposition should not encroach on the right of others to stage a Holocaust.

On Sunday, Cardinal Dolan found nothing better to do than allowing him to receive communion. I can't avoid thinking he felt encouraged by the fact Pope Francis apparently allowed Biden and Pelosi to receive only a few days ago.

When Cardinal Dolan caves in to public pressure and to the enemy of the Church, the media generally call it “an attempt to create a new dialogue”. I call it cowardice.

The Cardinal's behaviour is more evident if we consider his predecessor apparently always refused to allow the likes of Biden to receive communion.

I wonder if this is just Dolan being Dolan, or if there is something of bigger dimensions going on.

Certainly we will not hear a word from Pope Francis about this. Not just days after he himself allowed Biden and Pelosi to receive.

Mala tempora currunt.



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