Cardinal Dolan Allows A Sacrilege In Front Of His Eyes.

The Guffawing Cardinal found Biden receiving communion absolutely hilarious.

The Guffawing Cardinal found giving communion to Joe Biden absolutely hilarious.

Besides being an open supporter of so-called gay marriages, Biden is, as we all know, an open supporter of abortion, thinking his “personal” opposition should not encroach on the right of others to stage a Holocaust.

On Sunday, Cardinal Dolan found nothing better to do than allowing him to receive communion. I can't avoid thinking he felt encouraged by the fact Pope Francis apparently allowed Biden and Pelosi to receive only a few days ago.

When Cardinal Dolan caves in to public pressure and to the enemy of the Church, the media generally call it “an attempt to create a new dialogue”. I call it cowardice.

The Cardinal's behaviour is more evident if we consider his predecessor apparently always refused to allow the likes of Biden to receive communion.

I wonder if this is just Dolan being Dolan, or if there is something of bigger dimensions going on.

Certainly we will not hear a word from Pope Francis about this. Not just days after he himself allowed Biden and Pelosi to receive.

Mala tempora currunt.



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  1. Oh, for the love of God … Mr Dolan would not recognise a sacrilege if it bit him on the ankle, just like the majority of gentlemen of the College.

  2. Dolan has no respect for the ceremonies of the Holy Church. When he was installed as the Bishop of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he wore a foam rubber hat shaped like a wedge of cheese during the ceremony. ( For the European reader of Mundabor’s blog, a common nick-name for a Wisconsin native is cheesehead. These hats are usually worn at sporting events. I can assure you the average Wisconsin Catholic doesn’t wear one to Mass. They have more decorum than their former bishop.

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