US Supreme Court: Before The Decision.

Judge from hell: Elena Kagan

To a Continental European like me, the working of the judiciary system in the United States is beyond stupid.

A homosexual judge living in “partnership” with his fellow pervert is allowed to walk over the majority of the voters of a 38 million state and decide that something concerning … him must be against the Constitution because… he is a pervert; after which a process start ending in front of a bunch of people – at least one of whom also officially a pervert – deciding whether what the people have decided is fine, or whether some fat lesbian should not decide it's better to do it her own way.

These judges – including the lesbian – are, following a system which to my knowledge has no parallel in Continental Europe, elected for life. Once a combination of a President without scruples and a Senate ready to back him is given, you can end up with a pervert in the Supreme Court for the next several decades, and can only hope she kicks the bucket fast.

It would still be less absurd if there was a tradition – as in Italy, say – of respect for the will of the democratic elected lawmakers, with the Constitutional Court very attentive not to fall into, so to speak, social engineering by the back door; but this is clearly not the case in the United States, where such elementary rights like the right to be born are trampled under the pretence the Constitution, erm, ahem, well (cough) says so.

It is, therefore, certainly the case that in the United States the biggest social changes of the last decades (abortion, and sodomy) have been introduced or are in the way of being introduced by judicial activism, with the asinine mob soon following the diktat of the judges because hey, the law says so. As I never tire to say, the laws of one generation are the morality of the following one, because unthinking minds – the vast majority, if we are honest – tend to consider moral what is legal. The perverts know this, and will try to have their way not through the democratic, but through the judicial route.

At some point, the reaction organises itself and the pendulum starts to swing the other side; but this only happens when the stupid generation who has first tolerated the judicially mandated societal changes dies, and a new generation is born that is not ready to accept the status quo, with abortion clearly a point in case. Probably the Supreme Court judges – and many others – thought Roe vs Wade had changed the landscape forever. Forty years later, we know this is absolutely not the case and the game is changing again, with ever the former Miss Roe now on the side of… Mr Wade.

If the Supreme Court of the United States comes out with another piece of subversive and perverted piece of social engineering, we can be sure that the battle to overturn it will go on for decades; but this time we will be comforted by the knowledge that whilst God's laws are immutable, one or two generations can be enough to put abominations once considered irreversible to a very severe test.

There is no way, I am afraid, our generation can hope to die in a world freed from the celebration of sexual perversion and the brutal uprooting of Christian culture from vast strata of the population; but this must not be on the least an occasion of dismay or despair. If they help us to gain Heaven, the few decades of battle against the arrogance of the perverts and the stupidity of the asinine mob will have been, the day we die, a small price to pay.

Our stupid, stupid generation is very probably destined to see a breakdown of Christian values without precedent in the history of the West, providing a very rich harvest for Satan and his minions; but such an age will also allow those who steadfastly refuse to conform to the lies of the age to accumulate merits, and perhaps to develop a love for a truth, that might not for many of us – and very probably for me – have been possible if we had lived under different circumstances.

When I think of our situation I am often reminded of the time of the Arian heresy, sweeping not only a great part of society, but even of those who called themselves orthodox Christians. The faithful soldiers of Christ of that age must have felt very isolated, and must have been continuously insulted and called impious, their lack of “inclusiveness” and “hate” for those oh so tolerant, open-minded Arians for everyone to see.

Do you think they cared? No, they didn't. They had their eyes fixed on Truth, not on the wrong opinions of their countrymen, or of the majority of the clergy, or of Pope Liberius himself. Wrong is wrong even if everyone is wrong, and right is right even if no one is right.

Let the fat lesbian do her worse, and a bunch of perverts and their stupid, stupid cheerleaders rejoice as much as they want.

They will get their reward.

But we, we will continue steadfastly, and try to our last day to merit, as far as we can, ours.


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  1. The American system sounds just as peculiar to an insular Briton – as for this awful harridan, as you say, she’s well on her course to what is prepared for the likes of her.

  2. I’ve just “discovered” Padre Pio and hope to adopt his simple plan: Pray, fast and don’t worry. We must take the long view, but getting there won’t be pretty at all. I am heartbroken thinking how many children will be damaged living with two people of the same sex, especially sad, as a woman, for all the little girls who will not have a mama–social engineering specifically designed to deprive little girls of mothers. Not to say boys won’t suffer as well. Who is to say that that members of the “Man-Boy Love Society” won’t marry each other for the express purpose of raising boys to sodomize? “How very convenient, thank you ever so much Supreme Court Justices!” say the sodomizers.

    I read a recent statistic where 40% of homosexual men over forty say they have had 500+ sexual partners in their lifetime. This is the kind of environment in which to bring children??? Every facet of society will be despoiled, degraded.

    I’ve heard it said many Catholic churches with disobedient pastors will allow homosexual marriage. It will be scandalous, of course, and they will persist in calling themselves catholic, but after a few years, they will shutter their doors and like every other Protestant sect, shrivel and die. Faithful Catholics will have to go underground in many places where they don’t have strong shepherds. Brave New World, indeed!

    • Hallo Akita-ette,

      I think it’s actually “pray, hope and don’t worry”, but I am sure fast is very fine too!


      P.s. Italian is “prega, spera, non agitarti”, where “non agitarti” can be translated as “don’t get restless, agitated”.

  3. It really is mind-boggling that supposedly learned men and women, deep thinkers, cannot see how cataclysmic it will be to uphold homosexual marriage. It’s as if they think people are so virtuous and that this newfangled concept of marriage is being generous and fair minded and 3500 years of wisdom can just be discarded. Our forebears were just plain haters and simpletons, right? It is stunning, it is breathtaking, it is scarcely believable. I guess Satan got a foothold really good in the 60s with the advent of chemical contraception and abortion– homosexual marriage is the fruit of that union.

    Padre Pio, pray for us!

    • I am afraid the truth is that today’s “learned” men and women haven’t learned much, can’t think rationally, and know neither history not Christ.

      Again, I blame the clergy.


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