God Bless North Dakota

Pro-life Governor Jack Dalrymple

North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple has signed the strongest bill limiting abortion after the tragedy of Roe vs Wade. The new bill bans abortion once the baby's heart is “detectable”, which is at around 6 weeks.

Make no mistake, this measure does not ban abortion in the least; it is well possible to be sure of pregnancy within this time, and of course abortifacients like the “morning after pill” are not touched by the law.

Still, this is clearly a most courageous step towards the return to sanity. I do not doubt this Law will be challenged and will end up in front of the ugly fat lesbian and the other people already mentioned in a very recent post; but however the outcome of the legal challenge, it is clear the pressure on Roe vs Wade is mounting.

This legislative measure is also, if you ask me, a good way to put a probable decision of the US Supreme Court in favour of sodomy in perspective. Would a single judge of the Supreme Court have thought in 1973 that in 2013 Roe vs Wade would be more controversial than ever? I doubt it. Much more probably, they thought their decision would end the debate once and for all. Big mistake.

The same will, very probably, happen if the Supreme Court tries to shovel abominations down the throat of the Christians: it is going to start a decade-long fight that, in time, will lead to the recovery of traditional Christian values, exactly in the same way as abortion is now challenged in a way certainly not hoped by many in the years following Roe vs Wade.

The lot of our generation is to see Christianity massively challenged. The day we die, let it not be said of us we have not been able to raise to this challenge.

God bless the voters, the lawmakers and the Governor of North Dakota.



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  1. Good news, at last.

  2. Long way to go, but its something. Roe vs Wade in general though is a prime example on the evilness of the idea of “separation of church and state”. The US….my country…..was founded and set up under a fatally false premise. Its no wonder it is in the shape it’s in. When a nation loses Catholicism….or never had it to begin with…..it is surely doomed to fail.

  3. I just discovered your blog, and I am new to Traditional Catholocism. God bless you and your efforts!

    I grew up in North Dakota, and although the Church there has many problems, I am very glad of my hometown today!

    • Elizabeth, I am so happy to read you comment!

      This is exactly what I hoped would happen – every now and then – when I started writing this blog.

      Traditional Catholicism is a world whose profound beauty, spirituality and iron logic will never cease to fascinate those who decide to follow it. It is Truth in unadulterated form, freed from the rhetoric and the waffle of our time.

      I invite you to continue reading this blog and starting to deepen the Faith with some of the reading suggestions you will find spread among the posts, books and booklets largely written before this age of stupidity. .

      I can fairly say this is the best investment you can make for your souls.


  4. “The lot of our generation is to see Christianity massively challenged. The day we die, let it not be said of us we have not been able to raise to this challenge.

    God bless the voters, the lawmakers and the Governor of North Dakota.”

    Well said, Mundabor. And Amen, Amen.

  5. There will still be hundreds of brutal murders in the state of North Dakota, carried out either by the mother herself (the vile morning-after pill) or by the abortionist’s knife entirely under the protection of the law (just writing this makes you realise how mad modern society is – that infanticide is legal and positively encouraged) but if by this Bill one innocent life is saved, and I am sure it will be more than that, then it is a great blessing. It is not quite Lepanto yet, but I think all Catholics should rejoice.

    • Patrick, if you back some days on my blog you will find a blog post about the way catholics are supposed to deal with abominations like abortions: kill the legislation if they can, tear it away one limb at a time if they can’t.

      This is a good example of the second strategy. It is too early for a Supreme Court challenge of Roe vs Wade, but this tears one limb away from it.

      It will save a lot of lives, I am sure; and it will contribute to a change in perception.


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