When Mr Welby Is Right

By the Anglicans it's always Carnival.

Anglicans loved to parrot Catholics.

The so-called Archbishop of Canterbury has involuntarily spoken some words of wisdom yesterday in his Easter homily. The Guardian informs us Mr Welby warned his audience “of the dangers of investing too much faith in frail and fallible human leaders, be they politicians or priests”.

He is, most certainly, right.

Trusting in a Mickey Mouse “church” so obviously incapable of recognising the most basic tenets of Christianity is certainly a big mistake, with potentially fatal consequences for one’s eternal soul.

Trusting, in fact, any man at all – be he a political or religious leader; even Pope – as source of Truth is a fallacy. Not even the best are exempt from mistakes, and we have many examples from history – and actually from the news – that Popes aren’t any exception, either. 

Truth can only be sought where Truth is: in Him Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and in the One Church He has instituted so that this Truth be preserved and transmitted intact.

There is only one Church, and there is only one Truth. Donning fancy vestment like the chap above doesn’t change anything in that.


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  1. I have never seen any clergyman – real or pretend – look as much as though he were playing “dress ups” as this man. The picture here (from the sloppy vestments to the Las Vegas mitre, to the limp crucifix and the apparent limpness generally of this “bishop”) begs ridicule. I know that our worst aren’t far from this place themselves, but how long do the Anglicans really have as an “ecclesial community”? 10 years? 15? Will it eventually morph into some homosexual sect, led to hell by militant lesbian priestesses? Will the Christians finally leave for the true Church, only to find the same disease – just a little better hidden, and a few years behind? Will we all end up with the Eastern Rite, or the SSPX (at best), in the catacombs while we wait for restoration? The coming weeks and months will show, I presume.

    • “Will it eventually morph into some homosexual sect, led to hell by militant lesbian priestesses?”

      I’d say “very droll”, but unfortunately I think it is rather in the cards…

      You see, we might have some clowns who dress inappropriately; but they are part of the Only Church and are clowns because they do not dress the part.

      Welby is not part of the Church, and is a clown because he tries to look as if he did…


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