Russia Still A Christian Country

Thankfully, the Russian Government appears on the brink of banning international adoption of Russian children from so-called gay couples not only towards the US (this has already happened in January) but worldwide.

In a world drunk on emotionalism and feel-good rubbish, oblivious of the very basics of Christianity, it is beautiful to see there are Countries willing to protect these basic principles.

Please also note that the upcoming ban extends the already existent prohibition concerning co-habiting perverts in the US following the recent French “developments” in the matter. Therefore, those who have dismissed the ban on US perverts as a purely politically motivated measure against the United States will have some difficulties in reconciling their views with the now proposed measures.

Besides, it is very salutary that a bunch of Western Countries are told, for all the world to see, that they have strayed from Christianity to such an extent that they are seen as potential menace for children from Christian countries.

I am eagerly awaiting for the Pontiff's hard statement on so-called “gay lifestyle” in general and adoption from perverts in particular. Being so keenly aware of the need to protect the weak, the Pontiff is certainly appalled at the trend, all over the Western Europe, for delivering defenceless children to the perverted influence of militant deviants. I also notice the Pontiff made very clear poverty is also to be considered as spiritual poverty – in fact, a more dangerous threat to one's salvation than material poverty -. Consequently, I am sure he will consider there can be no direst spiritual poverty, and no bigger threat to one's salvation, than being raised by perverts.



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  1. Mundabor,
    “I am eagerly awaiting for the Pontiff’s hard statement on so-called “gay lifestyle””

    You will wait very long, and in vain. A hard statement from Pope Francis that goes against the opinion of his dearest friends among the material heretics who elected him? Apart from a letter to some religious sisters in Argentina (not initially intended for publication) and a few perfunctory statements of Church doctrine, reportedly after pressure from Rome, when Argentina was on the verge of implementing homosexual “marriage”, he has never done anything to promote Church teaching on marriage. He certainly did not fight on the issue as Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

    He is, of course, in principle opposed to abortion and homosexual “marriage”, I am not doubting that, but they are not issues he will fight on. They could reduce his popularity among the modernists, and this is a non-starter for Father Humility. Even on abortion the Pope has been utterly silent. Sure, he is “personally opposed”… but that’s it.

    • Catocon,

      you being German, some of the finer humour of these British Islands seems to escape you… 😉

      The Pope has been in power four weeks and has talked about poverty a dozen time, about sodomy… let me think…

      Still, at some point he will have to say something, but I fear like you that this will never be a priority, lest he be seen as “not charitable”, which isn’t good with the approving and non-churchgoing masses…


  2. He cannot reverse Church teaching on life and marriage. But he can (and will) silently retreat from it, not speak out on these issues and certainly not lead Christians into any fight with the secular “culture of death”, whose acceptance and applause he craves.

    • Personally I think he will not reverse, or retreat.

      He will make so that his pontificate is not identified with this particular battle.

      He’ll intervene here and there, to appease the hawks, is all.

      Again, I hope to be pleasantly surprised.


  3. Mundabor,
    you wrote: “you being German, some of the finer humour of these British Islands seems to escape you…”

    Maybe not in general, but as you had written quite a bit about how strong Archbishop Bergoglio (supposedly) was on this issue in his time in Buenos Aires, I did not classify your statement as humor. But I did ask myself briefly “is he serious?”… before coming to the wrong conclusion… 😉

    • I think the issues are two: he certainly knew how to be strong; which makes his choice for liturgical abuses in preference to strong words more worrying…


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