North Carolina: State Religion In Sight?

Interesting new from North Carolina, where there are thoughts of instituting a State religion (with possibly, I add, more denominations?).

The thinking behind the initiative is that in the US (a federation of States, not a federal State like Germany) every state is sovereign, and the power of the Federal government is limited by the tenth amendment to the matters explicitly reserved to it, all the rest (including the establishment of a State religion) being, by default, State matter.

Such a measure would allow “red” States (or socially conservative ones) to obtain wide ranging objectives. The protection of prayers in public ceremonies would be one, and the provision of protection for religious reasons in a way similar to the exemption from the HHS mandate would be another. Thinking out loud (but I am not an expert in such US legal matters) the prohibition of so-called same sex marriages – or civil partnership, or whatever else stinking of sodomy – would be another one.

Let us not forget that when the West was Christian, sodomy laws were everywhere. Therefore, if the principle prevails that a State can proclaim a State religion and reflect this in its own legislation, I cannot see why traditional Christian legislation – assuming the necessary democratic support – should not make its return.

Also, what is now proposed in North Carolina might not become reality there, but might well be picked up in other States whose electorate is better inclined to go down that route. Were the US Supreme Court to try to impose a perverted travesty of marriage all over the country, I can well imagine this issue of State legislative autonomy to become a very important one. Besides, it would put the issue firmly in the hands of the elected representatives of the people, rather than of a bunch of ideologised judges, some of them public perverts.

We shall see how his evolves. I thought this an encouraging thought, and interesting news.



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  1. The legal theory of nullification of federal rights by states was rather decisively defeated,at great human cost, in the American Civil War . The principle was raised again by Southern States (Alabama, Mississippi,etc) in attempts to maintain racial segregation in the 1960’s. That time it was put down mostly in the courts, but also with some show of federal force. There isn’t going to be any state religion in North Carolina. This is grandstanding by politicians.

    • You might be right, or perhaps not (but you probably are).

      Still, allow me to wait and see. There are factors in politics that cannot be seen simply through the lens of legal precedent.


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