Quit Saying “Gay”

Mein Fuehrer? Really?



One of the things that never fails to grate me is the use of the word “gay” to refer to homosexual tendencies or, worse, sodomitical behaviour.

I have written in the past about the power of words, but today I would like to focus on the use of this particular word, “gay”.

The use of a word so blatantly wrong by any decent standard of the English language, and so obviously charged with a positive connotation to describe a perversion, always implies acceptance of the homosexual thinking and sodomitical behaviour. One can simply not call homosexuals and outright sodomites “gay” without giving a positive connotation, and the connotation chosen by them, to their thinking.

You will in vain looking for a writing in which Winston Churchill calls Hitler “Mein Fuehrer”, because whilst the word Fuehrer (or Duce, or Caudillo) can be used in an objectified manner simply to indicate a particular person, the use of an emotionally charged expression cannot. At some point, the expression will be not merely descriptive, but approving, exactly because it is identified with the use of the expression in a particular context that is to be extolled. Therefore, Duce del Fascismo, Caudillo de Espana and Mein Fuehrer can never be used in a neutral way.

This is the more so by the use of the word “gay” to indicate homosexual thinking or sodomitical behaviour, because in this case a) the very meaning of the word has been completely perverted and b) the connotation of the word is invariably positive.

Think of this: would you call the incestuous “clever” because they define themselves so? Or those given to bestiality “smart”, or the pedophiles “happy”? Thought not…

“But Mundabor – you might say – the word “gay” is so universally accepted and part of the everyday language!” I answer to this that exactly this is the problem! The word is as widely spread as the acceptance of perverted behaviour, and every time the word is used the behaviour is further helped to be seen as “normal” and part of everyday reality.

Words shape perceptions. The use of the word “gay” (happy, positive connotation) instead of “homosexual” (gravely sinful, heavily disapproving connotation) is part and parcel of the homosexualist strategy. They would never have been able to change the public perception of their abomination without expunging the abomination from their vocabulary, from their way of defining it.

To be against homosexual perversion and sodomitical behaviour and at the same time use their propaganda words is like wanting to fight against the Wehrmacht whilst singing Nazi war songs. Stop it now.

When the sane part of the population stops calling perverts with the names chosen by them and starts again calling them… perverts, the very perception of the public towards this abomination will change. Conversely, it will never be possible to change the perception without stopping the use of the word, because the word itself implies approval and you can never condemn what you are approving.

Nor can the argument be used – something often heard from the shrinking violets – that the use of the word “gay” is justified by the fact that the Church is “accepting” and “inclusive”. The Church is also inclusive of pedophile and incestuous people, but she certainly does not accept their behaviour, nor does she call them with fake names.

The war on ideas starts with the war on words.

Quit saying “gay”.


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  1. I quite agree – I would advocate using ‘sodomite’ of course. That something so foul, so utterly foul and against nature, so vile that even the pagans can see it is disgusting and a mortal sin can become accepted in what was once called Christendom, that attacking that vile perversion is now against the law – I think of Our Lady of Akita and her promised chastisement more and more.

    • I use “sodomite” profusely to refer to the “lifestyle” (meaning: actual sodomy), and “homosexuality” to refer to the perversion (meaning: the attraction for people of the same sex).

      But truly, I think the war of words must be fought through ridicule and mockery, as it was in all ages – I have written about that in the past -.

      Ridicule is one of the most fearful weapons, and shows the talk of “human rights” and assorted bitching will not be taken seriously.

      This is why you find on this blog the language that so scandalises the shrinking violets, who are generally not manly enough to be truly *against* something, because it is a behaviour going against the grain of the religion they have been raised in: niceness…


  2. Paul Johnson suggested calling them ‘yags’ – like ‘yob’ as a backwards, and derogatory, version of ‘boy’. I must say that has a certain appeal.

    • Ah, this is very nice!

      I hope it will catch on…

      Being very traditional, I prefer the customary expressions “fag” and “faggot”…


  3. My dear late mother was heartbroken that the word gay had been hi-jacked to indicate so fetid a lifestyle. I try to use the word homosexualist, but that seems a bit convoluted. I just wrote a letter to Archbishop Cordileone to support him in his upholding of the truth in the matter of non-traditional marriage and did use the word “gay” with some trepidation, thinking even he might think I’m a hater if I start calling gays “sodomites”.

    However, we can’t back down. We need to call evil by its name. I guess we can say “people with sodomite tendencies”. But that excludes lesbians, does it not?

    • If he thinks you’re a “hater” for using the word “sodomite” he isn’t half as good as he should.

      By the by, if you ask me “hater” is another of those words that must go…


    • A sodomite isn’t a lesbian, but I’m not sure lesbians aren’t sodomites in some disgusting way (don’t let me go into details..).

      I would use “homosexual tendency” to describe the tendency (homo refers here to “same” and therefore applies to lebians too), and “sodomitical behaviour” to refer to the sexual activity of male perverts. Of course, sodomy can also occur between perverted people of opposite sexes, but this is not the sodomy that is now in the centre of the public debate.


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