The Church And Homosexuals

The last stop of the unrepented homosexualist.

The last stop of the unrepented homosexualist.


A good contribution from Monsignor Charles Pope on what the Church has to offer to homosexuals.

Whilst I find it extremely questionable that Monsignor Pope insists in using a homosexual language to talk about homosexuality and sodomy (note he uses the word “gay” extremely often, whereas no one of the very many sources cited by him does) I do find the clarity of the exposition admirable, with its constant reminder that the Church is about the Truth, not easy emotionalism. I also – but this is not explicitly said in the post – warn against a reading of this post in some way equating heterosexual feebleness with homosexual perversion: the first goes with nature, the second against it.

I would also have loved some mention of hell, then when we talk about gravely displeasing God I find it always very salutary to say what the consequences are; still, this was not the stated intent of the post, which is in essence an explanation of why the Truth is preferred to the fashion of the day.

Having made this small observations, I suggest you read the article in its entirety. I have not followed the links yet, though I want to do so when time allows.

All in all, the contrast with Cardinal Dolan is rather remarkable.



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