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Damn Blogsy

Very long post about good Father Trigilio kept freezing on Blogsy before sending. No way to copy or export it in any way, tried to delete photo, all in vain. Other posts could be modified etc, this one not.

Long anger short, had to uninstall and install again, all lost.

Comfortably more than one hour of work.

Life of a blogger, I suppose.

I must vent my rage or I won’t be able to cook dinner.

Blogsy does this to me once again and it lands in the rubbish bin before you can say “hermeneutic of continuity”.

This is sent through Blogsy to make sure it works fine (again).

If anyone has any idea what might have happened, I would be very grateful.


Son-Given Truth?

The new partner of the politician's son had raised some eyebrows...

Some weeks ago I chanced to read something truly funny, and now is the time to spend two words about it.

The news was that a US Politician (I think he was a Congressman), a Republican, announced he would switch allegiance on the matter of so-called “gay marriage” after learning that his own son is a pervert.

I very much doubt the discovery of one's own son's sexual perversion can come so sudden; I also doubt it could have come at a (cough) more fitting time for a Republican politician, as the so-called GOP is severely tempted to prostitute itself to the fashion of the time. But truly, it is not about this.

What leaves one breathless is the excuse that was used by the politician to switch side. It is as if the man had explicitly said that one's own children are the measure of Right and Wrong, and therefore the “discovery” of the son's perversion necessarily leads to the father's approval of it.

Besides having nothing to do with fatherly love, this is absolutely nothing to do with logic. Homosexuality is either right or wrong, it is not right or wrong depending on one's son's “preferences”. Actually, if it were so it would logically follow that a GOP politician respectful of the democratic process would still have to be against sodomarriages, as it cannot be doubted the overwhelming majority of the population is straight.

The stunning thing is also that such a politician would have the guts to say something like that and stay in politics, after admitting he has no values of his own even in what concerns what every Republican politician must admits are supreme values. What if he discovers his son takes drugs? Or is a pedophile? Or sleeps with dogs?

We live in an age that will be remembered for an obstinate refusal to think, and an utter abandonment for senseless emoting. The volte-face of the above-mentioned politician might well have been the result of a clever calculation, but there is no excuse for those among his voters who will continue to support him because hey, his son is inverted.

These are the most clearly defined values and choices of our time, and of every time. A democracy that leaves the decision about them to one politician's son being attracted to other men, or to children, or to dogs is a democracy heading towards self-destruction.



Cartoon Cardinal Dolan Simply Gets It Wrong

Wrong talking and wrong eating: Cardinal Dolan.

Wrong talking and wrong eating: Cardinal Dolan.

This week, that lack of tangible love is being felt by Nicholas Coppola, a gay Catholic living in Long Island, New York who was incredibly active in his parish. After marrying his husband legally, he was informed that he could no longer serve as a lector, visitation minister, food pantry volunteer, capital campaign board member or catechist. He is allowed to enter the church, but his involvement, which was significant, has been curtailed. This is all because someone sent an anonymous letter to the bishop, who then directed the parish to remove him.

This astonishing piece of faggoty ranting appeared on the Washington Post, who have dedicated a piece to explain to us that Cardinal Dolan does not “love” what they call “the LGBT people” (it means faggots, lesbians, and other perverts).

The astonished reader learns from this that there are in the diocese of New York people who must necessarily be self-confessing sodomites, and are allowed to have a “significant” involvement as (it is inferred) lector, visitation minister, food pantry volunteer, capital campaign board member and/or catechist.

More astonishingly still, it appears this unbelievable… gal even dared to stage a mickey mouse “marriage”, and still nothing happened. In order for this walking scandal to be removed from his “involvement” it was necessary that some good Catholic wrote to the Cardinal saying “wake up, nincompoops”, and then something finally happened.

The Washington Post shows, as it is to be expected from such a perverted rag, that they have no clue whatsoever about what Catholicism stays for. But this does not mean the Cardinal isn't to be blamed, either.

With his woolly words about how he “loves” the “gays” and his trying to explain that the Church “gotta listen to people”, this cartoon Cardinal has put himself into a corner. He doesn't satisfy honest Catholics, because Catholicism requires the Truth to be said whole, and the dangers of hell for perverts to be expressed loud and clear; and he doesn't satisfy perverts, because by all his oily talk he is just not in a position to deliver what they want, that is: the “celebration” of their perversion.

Therefore, the Cartoon Cardinal will continue to be despised by Catholics for his betrayal of Catholic values and his refusal to properly teach the Faith, and he will continue to be despised by perverts as he is rightly seen by them as a boot-licking hypocrite.

Unfortunately, the Cartoon Cardinal will also continue to be seen from the worldwide clergy as the type of “pastoral” archbishop they think the world need, thus placing him in a very good position – unless sanity prevails, for which there isn't much hope at the moment – to be one day our next Pontiff, Pope Mickey Mouse I.

Therefore, do not expect that he stops his policy anytime soon.


March, Statistics, Debates.


Certainly helped by the Conclave and the clamor around the election of Pope Bergoglio, this little blog had more than 65,000 page views in March, easily the new record. 

I cannot avoid thinking the increase was not only due to existing readers visiting more pages, but to new readers stumbling upon this blog because of the recent events.

I hope they found here an interesting site able to give them sensible commentaries about the madness of our time. Still, I am sure many of them have been shocked at what they found here, in total contrast to their own emasculated conception of the Church, or of the Papacy, or of the Catholic teaching in the first place.

I suggest that every new reader clicks on my “about the author” page first, so that he has an idea of what awaits him and can employ his time wisely. I do not want to waste anyone’s time, and I think it is only fair that my blog be read by people with at least the right disposition.

I do not publish comments of people ranting against me, or going on repeating the same arguments. 

You come here to get ammunition for the battle we are fighting.

This is not a place for debate.


Barking Cats And Girls Journalist

Reblog of the day

Mundabor's Blog

I complain very often about the BBC, a nest of liberal vipers all too ready to forget any balance and abandon themselves to the most scandalous liberal/atheist/anti-Catholic bias.

I must say, though, that even on the BBC I have never heard anything remotely approaching the total lack of balance and basic religious literacy of the incompetent wannabe journalists living from the public purse at this sender.

You would think that the article has been written by some thirteen-years-old girl playing journalist, so cretinous the entire presentation of the matter is.

The author of this piece of misinformation truly seems to believe that it is possible to con the Church into creating what can’t be created. To even think of being able to write that “women were secretly ordained” as priests is on the same level of intelligence as believing that in 2002 seven women were secretly appointed Dobermann…

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