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No respect or sensitivity: St. Francis Xavier.



Stimulated (or you might say: terrified) by the recent appointment of a Jesuit as, erm, bishop of Rome, I have decided to visit more in detail the site of one of their provinces. Not being very good at Spanish, I decided to focus on the site of the British Province.

The “who we are” site tells us there are 20,000 Jesuits around, but doesn’t tell us anything about their age. Strange, say I…

But then it gets scary: on the same page our heroes describe their mission as the promotion in society of “that justice of the Gospel which is the embodiment of God’s love and saving mercy’.” What? The “justice of the Gospel”? What is this, a new religion? It is as if Christianity were turned upside down, and would keep its eyes away from heaven to make of earthly justice the true centre of its concerns.

You see this pattern again in the very revealing heading “faith and justice”. Again, it can only be a new religion that dares to put the faith and earthly cares in the same breath. I thought Faith isthe virtue by which we firmly believe all the truths God has revealed, on the word of God revealing them, who can neither deceive nor be deceived”. To mention “justice” in the same breath sounds like obsession and complete loss of perspective. Again, it truly sounds like a new religion, with a secular deity, the Goddess Social Justice, not only put near the God of the Christian, but with the second put at the service of the first.

On the relevant page, more scares await. We are informed that

“Our mission today is the service of faith, of which the promotion of justice is an absolute requirement”.

Read it again: promotion of justice is an absolute requirement of the service of faith. Heavens, the Blessed Virgin’s service of faith must have been a disaster! Jesus Himself falls tragically short of the mark of these people! Unless, of course, they want to dream of a Jesus as Messiah of The Good News Of Social Justice that mysteriously escaped the attention of two thousand years of Christian faith. The rest of the page sings the same song, which the popular opinion would express with the well-known expression that social justice “is their religion”; and truly, it seems they do not want to leave anyone in doubt about that. Unsurprisingly, their Jesus is an angry communist struggling – and perhaps, who knows, even dying – for social justice.

But let us not despair, and let us see whether at the bottom of all this there is a sincere desire to convert souls to Christ, and be it the extremely earthly Christ they seem to have in mind; then, social justice this or social justice that, Christ must come first, surely?

Hhhmmm… Let me see if there is an “evangelisation” header…. Hhhmmm… no, there isn’t…. so, “evangelisation” doesn’t have the rank of “social justice”…. strange….. But wait, what do I have here?

“Inter-faith”? Let’s click it.

“Inter-religious dialogue is not about conversion; it is about understanding. The aim is to encounter people of different faiths with sensitivity and respect in order to discern in the meeting the movement of God’s Spirit which ‘blows where it wills’. For Jesuits, dialogue with people of other faiths is a major dimension of their commitment to be companions of Jesus and servants of his mission”

To think this is the order St Francis Xavier co-founded. To think this is the order that regained Poland to Catholicism. To think this is the order that carries Jesus in its very name.

Not only is the statement above a complete renunciation of every evangelisation work (tellingly absent from the site, and with “dialogue” being a “major dimension” of their work) but the accent on the “movement of God’s Spirit” which “blows where it wills” clearly point out to the appreciation of non-Christian religion as “willed” expressions of “God’s Spirit”, expressions which must therefore be “respected” as perfectly legitimate as we “discern” the way “God’s Spirit” “willed” in them. Notice they say they are “companions of Jesus”, but this is a Jesus meant to remain strictly on their side whilst heathen remain such.

This is new age crap all right. I struggle to even see Christianity in this, as if you take evangelisation away from Christianity the entire edifice must surely crumble.

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

How can one take all this away from the Christian message and still call himself a Christian? How can one think that this is not an “absolute requirement” of the “service of faith”, but “social justice” is?

I might browse the site of these old deluded nincompoops – or outright minions of Satan; one of the two – further, but frankly I have enough and I think you have enough of this nonsense, too.

Again, the mildest one can say is that these people have forgotten what Christ is about, which in people calling themselves Jesuits is truly beyond the pale. I haven’t found in my browsing one word about Salvation, Heaven, or Hell; they will be there if one looks long enough, but it is clear in these people’s mind there is no attention for the after life whatever; instead, there is a shocking obsession with trying to build a social paradise on this earth, as if this were the real essence and greatest value of the message of Christ. This is Liberation Theology without the Kalashnikov.

Please also consider this is the site of the English Province; unless there is a centralised structure, I can imagine there might be even worse statements in the Internet presence of other provinces, particularly the South-American ones.

I cannot imagine anyone being a Jesuit for a lifetime and not being influenced by having this utter crap around him all the days of his life. I cannot imagine any Seminary of the the Jesuits -particularly a South-American one – not having spread more or less this same rubbish for decades. I cannot imagine any of the people who have lived in such an environment being sincerely concerned with evangelisation rather than the un-Christian “dialogue” as expressed above. For proper liturgy the Jesuits haven’t cared in their best years, so you can forget that, too.

I could never have imagined that one of them; one who led them as a head of a Province, and formed them as head of a seminary, and even comes from the worst place for a Jesuit of them all, would have become… bishop of Rome.

Pope Francis has now the opportunity to fight this cancer. If he even recognises the disease, that is.



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  1. One of our local Jesuits, the head of a Jesuit high school, has just announced he will permit an openly homosexual couple to attend the school’s junior prom.

  2. I took my vows in the Society of Jesus 13 years ago, and was ordained a priest 6 years ago.

    I understand your anxiety – but I am not sure it is helpful to be attacking the Pope via us in such a vitriolic way. I love the church and am fully committed to the urgent need of evangelisation too…. we are on the same side! If I felt being a Jesuit was being a cancer in the church I would have left long ago.

    I accept that there is a strain of obsession with social justice that can be unbalanced, maybe even at times pelagian. But surely Jesus himself says in so many ways that faith nust be expressed in charity, or love of the neighbour – remember the sheep and the goats.

    I am 39 years old – so not an old nincompoop – and neither do I consider myself a minion of satan. It is true that the demographics of the Society of Jesus in the West is ageing – but there are many exceptions in Europe (Portugal, Poland…. etc) In Africa and India and now in Asia vocations are thriving.

    whilst I appreciate your anxiety – I have to ask, judging us through a website – calling us a cancer – and minions of satan – is that really helpful. There are many Jesuits who are liberal, but many too who are conservative.

    I know them.

    We, like the church, are constantly in need of reform, We have made many mistakes – but also there is some great work being done in the UK – and all over the world by the Jesuits. We have many enemies and also many fans – the truth lies somewhere in between. Their are also some beautiful ‘conservative’ liturgies happening in Jesuit churches in this country – Farm St, Stonyhurst, Manchester, Preston, to name a few. So please before the next ‘hatchet’ job – come and get to know us a little more.

    Unlike you I am happy to be accountable for my words – so please email me privately on – and I would be delighted to meet you and maybe answer questions about our works and how we understand the balance between faith and justice and also the urgent need for inter religious dialogue whilst being faithful to the uniqueness of Christ

    • A very jesuitical reply, Father, that does not change a iota in the way the Jesuits – as an order – are a cancer, and many of them minions of Satan, hiding instead under the finger of “I and three pals of mine are different, and we are younger than Seventy”. Browse this blog and you will see I have written posts about (very rare) good Jesuits, too. Well actually off the cuff I remember only one, but be assured it did not depend on me.

      Very jesuitical is also your “unlike you I am happy to be accountable for my words”. If you do not understand the reasons for anonymity on the internet, you aren’t very smart.

      But I’m sure you understand them. You are just being a Jesuit.

      Also very funny that you know I want to remain anonymous, but offer to meet me in person. Truly, you must be a Jesuit.

      If you ask me, your order isn’t really in need of reform anymore. It is in need to die of old age or – better – be disbanded, and good riddance. There are plenty of good religious orders, truly no one needs an order that has made itself not only superfluous, but toxic for Catholicism. The shame being showered on your order from all over the Internet is absolutely deserved, and “I know some who aren’t like them” is neither here nor there.

      I do believe there were good Nazis, but it’s not an argument, and neither is the waffle along the lines of “we have friends and enemies”. Well don’t count me among the friends, then. Frankly, your deceased brothers were a bit better at presenting an argument, but you don’t offer any. You have become bad Even at being jesuitical.

      So, you Jesuits as an order deserve to die and I hope you do it fast.

      But hey, surprise me. You are one of the youngest and might be less corrupted than them (though this is in itself not a compliment). When the others have gone (many of them probably to hell) let’s see what the less old do, there won’t be many of them anyway. Frankly, though, you don’t seem much different from them either, at least in the way of being so jesuitical.


  3. ‘Faith and justice’. Good grief!
    Salus animarum suprema lex. Not a paradise on Earth – indeed, Bishop Williamson had an excellent speech in which he condemns the globalists – UN, Masons, Rotary and so on. An earthly paradise rather than the heavenly is a thoroughly devilish, Freemasonic goal. All of the evil in the worlds is not caused by poverty, or violence or what have you. It’s caused by original sin. We are in exile in this vale of tears.

    The secular, Socialist worldview of the world as essentially good, not a dangerous place of temptations against which the bastions of Holy Church are the sole defence – if you ever read JRR Tolkien, sort of like Minas Tirith in the Lord of the Rings, a ‘tower of guard’ against the modern world (ah, but of course, the modernists are into ‘razing the bastions’!) but something good that the Church must ‘join with’ and ‘get with the times’, has completely saturated the Jesuits.

    t’s Devilry, pure devilry and the end of this Masonic and Modernist globalism, world-worship and man-worship, with its divorce, sodomy, abortion and fornication – for if man is the supreme good and the supreme law, what is to stop man indulging his passions freely? What has man to do with morality? [that’s how these people think! They’re barking!] The logical end of this is a new Sodom and the reign of the Antichrist.

    • Ah, but you see, another oily representative of the breed has just posted the usual oily Jesuitical comment.

      The sooner they’re gone, the better it is.


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