Homoadoption And Child Abuse: The Ignored Issue

The Angel had just finished his job.

We are informed in a place like Connecticut it is possible for a couple of perverts to adopt nine children. Since when have fags been so motherly? Or are they perhaps chasing the transfer payment? What about having at home material to satisfy their pedophile perversion? Who on earth allowed them such adoptions? Are they straight? Are they pedophiles themselves? How were such decisions motivated?

It seems to me that here something utterly tragic is brewing. Let us think of the homosexual priests’ child abuse scandal. What has happened on that occasion? It happened that homosexuals were allowed to enter the Seminary and become priests in droves. Now, we must understand that there is a univocal (as opposed to biunivocal) correspondence here: whilst it cannot be said that the vast majority of homosexuals are pedophiles, it can comfortably be said that the vast majority of pedophiles are homosexual, as are of course the totality of ephebophiles. The statistical basis provided by Catholic priests involved in sexual scandals is in itself a crushing evidence of this, but if you have any doubt you only need to look at those behind the calls to remove the age of consent to have any possible doubt dispelled.

The same mistake – only with much worse consequences, as it puts the intended victim in a much more vulnerable position – is happening with the so-called “gay adoption”. In the Seventies and Eighties homosexuals were allowed to enter the seminary in droves, either because the deciders were homosexual themselves or because their homosexuality was seen as harmless and anyway irrelevant in their dealing with children. Only many years later the devastation appeared in all its tragic scale, as it took a decade or two to individuate a pattern of behaviour, particularly given both the obvious reluctance of priests to admit they are homosexual (which is supposed to cost them their job) and the disgraceful episodes of cover-up all too known to all of us.

Notice, then, how the pattern is repeating here. Homosexual or ideologically perverted officers allow perverted couples to have small children at their disposal in an environment that is the most favourable for them to act on their perversion; and whilst many of those perverts will not be paedophiles, the worst paedophiles among them will be motivated to seek adoption. You can imagine from this the scale of the problem that is being created; and this, completely irrespective of the other massive problem of the raising of a child in a sexually perverted environment.

Some might say that heterosexual couples may hide a pedophile too, but this does not address the issue. A family made by a man and a woman is the only possible family in a proper sense, and therefore the normality; disfunctions in the normal setting of things do not negate the appropriateness of normality as a working model. On the contrary, the experience among the huge statistical pool of Catholic priests shows us with blinding obviousness that homosexual perversion is a huge factor in the incidence of pedophilia.

The only possible conclusion that can be drawn from past experience and common sense is that the incidence of sexual abuse among children adopted by homosexuals will be a big multiple than among those adopted by heterosexuals. It also tells us that many years will pass before the incidence of such devastation – literally, the satanic work of pedophilia building upon the satanic work of homosexuality – becomes apparent, as both the cover-up of the statistical reality and the insisted denial that homosexuality be a factor in the episodes of pedophilia will slow down the discovery of the ugly truth by the population at large.

This is where we are now. Common sense and a huge statistical basis already tell us where things are headed; but the deluded and perverted – or outright minions of Satan favouring the adoption through pedophiles – will be allowed to accomplish their devilish work by an electorate drunk on “equality” and “sensitivity” to the point of senselessness.

We are in a bad way, and as Christianity slowly but surely fades away from the collective consciousness of once Christian countries our clergy is mainly focused on misinterpreted “social issues”; or content to feed the sheep with insipid waffle about going out of church with a smile on their faces and give witness of their “joy”.

But again, we got where we are largely because we have the clergy we have, and we got the clergy we have largely because we haven’t reacted strongly enough to them for now 50 years, and counting.


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