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Liberal Morons

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And thou, Capernaum, which art exalted unto heaven, shalt be brought down to hell: for if the mighty works, which have been done in thee, had been done in Sodom, it would have remained until this day.

But I say unto you, That it shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom in the day of judgment, than for thee.

This is Matthew 11:23-24. The issue here is the lack of faith of Capernaum. Its inhabitants have stubbornly refused to recognise Christ notwithstanding the mighty works He accomplished by them. Therefore, their blasphemy will be met with the harshest punishment known to men, as their defiance of God’s Truth surpasses the harshest abominations known to men.

With the crescendo typical of the colourful Eastern societies, Jesus reinforces the concept so that no one (with a brain) has any doubt: Chorazin and Bethsaida have already been compared to Tyre and Sidon, but the worst of them all, the inhabitants of Capernaum, must be compared to the worst perverts of them all: the Sodomites. 

Even a moron would easily understand that Sodom is used by our Lord as the epitome of everything that is perverted, despicable and in enmity of God. It cannot be said in a clearer and more brutal manner than this.

It truly cannot.

No, seriously.

Still, people clearly not reaching the IQ of a moron, or firmly in the hand of Satan like Stephen Colbert (a true pity, this, because the man can be really funny) apparently insist in telling us that “Jesus never said anything about homosexuality for gay marriage”.

Well no, He did. He did it in the strongest possible terms. He did it, in fact, in terms so strong that no sane person with a shred of conscience could ever deny it with a straight face.

Apparently, even the simplest facts of the Gospel do not count anymore when speaking of Jesus. This happens because the Gospel isn’t read anymore, Catholics are not properly instructed, and Jesus is known by most only by hearsay or by what satanic BBC journalists tell them about Him.

These cretins and evil people are everywhere. They go around spreading the most unbelievable legends; legend than can only be believed because the sheep are left in the most unbelievable ignorance.

In the meantime, the US bishops think everyone must be free to move and establish himself illegally wherever he pleases, and Pope Francis has warned us about the dangers of gossiping.


Email Heroes

No! Not Mundabor again!

As I write, the number of those who have subscribed to receive my blog post by email has surpassed 100.

This means they will have their email “in” tray cluttered with my posts whenever they omit to check their account for one or two days, and I don't even want to think of what happens when they haven't checked it during their holidays. They will also receive an email every time I click the “publish” button by mistake (it happens more often than you think), so that when they click the link they find an error message. In all cases, some of those who are in the right time zone will be among the first to read my posts, which means they will be ruthlessly confronted with all the typos that have managed to go past my dyslexia, and generally requiring successive correction readings if and when time allows.

Now, I happen to be a person very jealous of what lands in my email “in” tray, and if you have followed my comment box for a while you have certainly noticed that as a person I am fairly easily nerved. For this reason, I do not subscribe by email to any blog; not one; not even mine.

Allow me, then, to express some words of sincere appreciation for the (at last count) 101 subscribers confronted daily with my blog blunders, typing mistakes, and general “in” tray cluttering.

You pay me a compliment even I do not pay to myself, and God knows I am not the self-effacing type.

Thanks. You make me proud.



The Disquieting Crucifix

Lello Scorzelli's crucifix.

Lello Scorzelli’s crucifix.

Look at the crucifix above. It is Lello Scorzelli’s crucifix in the papal ferula used by John Paul II and now also adopted by Pope Francis.

I find this crucifix disquieting for more than one reason. Apart from the obvious ugliness of the Christ (an anatomical ugliness that can’t be ignored: a Christ clearly undernourished almost to the point of starvation, and with arms that seem to me out of proportion to his legs), and of the theological implications some have remarked (with the arms of the Christ upwards as in the Calvinist and Jansenist tradition, rather than horizontal in an obvious gesture of openness and embrace of humanity)  and which go beyond my pay grade, what I noticed first is the absence of dignity  the image conveys. 

Even when I was a child and looked at a crucifix in all his crudeness, the magnificence of this suffering never failed to impress me. Even as a child, you know He is on the Cross, but you also know He is God. This goes as a common element through all the crucifixes you can find pretty much everywhere in Italy (and they are everywhere: school rooms, hospitals, even court rooms). A well-made crucifix conveys an idea of majestic suffering, of virile power. Even when Jesus is represented as thin, he is never starving. This is, if you allow the expression, an Auschwitz Jesus, and a Jesus utterly crushed. Not good.

Think again of the movie “The Passion Of The Christ”, that you have probably seen again just a few weeks, or days, ago. In the movie, the very crude representation of Jesus’ suffering (a crudeness sparing the viewer absolutely nothing) is never separated from the sheer power and manliness exuding from the figure of Christ. Even beaten almost to death, barely able to look at Pilatus, or suffering atrociously on the Cross, you know our Lord is, at all times, firmly in control. 

This must also have been the impression he made on those who witnessed His Passion. It is clear from the Gospel Pontius Pilate was extremely impressed from his encounter with this astonishing figure, towering over him with words of immense majesty whilst beaten to death and covered in blood. The conversion of the Roman Centurion (centurions were very smart people; here the contrast with the violent, stupid and greedy soldiers is extreme) must also have not come in a moment, but rather have been the result of a long observation of the man, and the clear perception something absolutely out of the ordinary was happening in front of his eyes. I can picture this Centurion (Longinus, many say) observing the proceedings among the profanities and the coarse sadistic laughs of the soldiers, and seeing with his prompt mind what they were unable to see. There must have been a magnificence in this suffering, a dignity in this humiliation, able to move an inquiring mind to stop and reflect before the famous words Longinus pronounced.

I see nothing of this in Scorzelli’s crucifix. I see ugliness without dignity, and humiliation without greatness. There is a reason, methinks, why the traditional representation of Christ on the cross is different than this one.

Still, this is the Christ people will get to see every time the Pope uses the ferula.

I try to picture Pope Pius XII with a ferula like this, or St. Padre Pio praying in front of a crucifix like this; and something doesn’t square.




Conclave: Meet Cardinal Baddy

The Cardinal Baddy Reblog

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Good morning, dearest ones. I am Cardinal Baddy, but you can simply call me “baddy”. I am very modern and in touch with the times, you know…

Let me tell you first that I am a bad cardinal. My priests do what they please, some are homosexual, some have a mistress, many don’t believe in God, Mass is generally an irreverent mess. But I am very popular with the press, and a darling among the rich and powerful; I lead a pampered, privileged life, so why should I care; I don’t believe in God anyway…

I will soon be locked in the Sistine Chapel, so before I do let me tell you what my plans are.

My buddies and I want, at all costs, avoid a Pope really intentioned to be Pope. One of those chaps believing they can tell us what to do, and the like. This would…

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