Luther Anniversary: Pope Francis Has Not Promised Anything

Foul-mouthed heretical nun-bedder: Martin Luther.

Foul-mouthed heretical nun-bedder: Martin Luther.

A couple of days ago, a deeply disquieting news appeared on the Internet: the Pope would participate to the “celebrations” for the 500 anniversary of the start of the Heresy of Luther in 2017. The source was attributed to the member of the heretical sect who had just visited the Holy Father.

I have waited before I start to rant on this, because this seemed to me too big even for Pope Francis. Too big even for a world that has seen abominations like the Assisi gatherings. Too big by far.

Still, it would be stupid to deny I was scared it might be true in some way: say, not in the sense that the Pope “celebrates” Luther as such, but that he participates in some form in the commemorations and says to everyone how beautiful it is that we share the joy of our Christian lives, and blabla, and blabla.. If put in practice, this would have been tantamount to something rather similar in the final effect – and more importantly, perceived to be so by everyone irrespective of nuances – to an outright celebration; though of course accompanied by the usual V II doublespeak along the lines of “we are not celebrating Luther, we are celebrating that we are Christians together with those who celebrate Luther”.

From what I gather up to now, nothing of the sort has happened. Rather, the Pope met one representative of the above mentioned heretical sect, and the latter simply expressed his “desire” that the Church may participate in a joint celebration of the most dangerous and, in the long term, most devastating heretic in the history of Christianity. We complain of stupid Catholic priests, but compared to these Lutherans mock-priests even our idiots seem rocks of realism and common sense. Note that the Vatican has already expressed the Church’s opinion on the matter less than one year ago.

If Francis is still Pope in four years’ time, we will see what he makes of the “occasion”.

Let’s hope it’s not too bad. We can, I think, confidently say it will not be a “joint celebration”. Unfortunately, I do not think there is any real possibility of an Ordinariate, either, albeit one would wonder how many in Germany would find it an attractive proposition; a country where Catholics marry Protestants and then complain they can’t receive communion with them. 

For the moment, we can relax and enjoy the “Luther Insult Generator”.


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  1. Jeepers, how nice of them to invite us for a celebration of 500 years of heresy and schism!

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